A Plan For Global Dominance-Planned In 1991 And Implemented in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc,etc.

"Dick Cheney's song of America: Drafting a plan for global dominance."

"Dick Cheney's song of America: Drafting a plan for global dominance.
By David Armstrong.
An essay exploring the real origins of the Iraq War, written before the war started."
Career as U.S. secretary of defense; Career as U.S. vice president; Defenses; Deterrence (Strategy); Military planning; National security; Preemptive attack (Military science); Cheney, Richard B.

To know where American is going, then go to the link above and read the facts! Not conspiracy theories, They can be verified and confirmed by Former Vice President Dick Cheney',who is the author of "Song of America: Drafting a plan for global dominance."

The Roman Empire a plan for global dominance.
The Roman Empire existed around 2200 year.

[1] "we have been obsessed with the fall: it has been valued as an archetype for every perceived decline, and, hence, as a symbol for our own fears. It remains one of the greatest historical questions and has a tradition rich in scholarly interest. In 1984, German professor Alexander Demandt published a collection of 210 theories on why Rome fell, and new theories have emerged since then."

"Is The United States Following The Path Of The Former Roman Empire? It is said that the Roman Empire, That was the greatest power on earth, and fell for the following reasons:

1. Decline in Morals and Values
2. Public Health
3. Political Corruption
4. Unemployment
5. Inflation
6. Urban decay
7. Military Spending
8. Inferior Technology

Decide if we are following the same path of the past "Great Roman Empire. As, to Military Spending, US Dominates in the world in Military spending, 57% of entire Worlds, miltary budgets. The US Military Budge has increased every year for the last 10 years, and it is new toys for the boys, with little going to the active and retired Military and their families, or to Veterans Administration, to assist all the casualties of war government has created since and including Vietnam. As to US Technology, Yes it is superior in
Military Weapons, Space, and some areas of Micro Electronics. Nuclear and (WMD) stock abundance can kill humans and structures in World 10 times over. We can make a place on Earth so contaminated that nothing can live in the area for a
few decades. If we are so advanced in Technology. Why cant we find alternate fuel? Are we just stupid in finding something to make the little car that could run on something other than oil, and an alternate energy source for coal.. Let me give the reason, the Power of a few Rich that profit from both oil and coal.
Read: "Dick Cheney's song of America: Drafting a plan for global dominance. By David Armstrong
learn the devastating goals of a few powerful men. Here is an example of acting on a plan for global domination and Preemptive attacks. Lets get Iraq. First know that the CIA did a long and comprehensive research on Iraq having nuclear weapons of Mass Destruction. CIA interviewed over 29 Iranian scientist and told that the US would give them protection for the information they provided, they were left in Iraq for the bombings. All the Iranian scientist said Iraq has not had any nuclear projects since 1991, after Bombing of Nuclear Reactor in Iraq.
 "Another First for the U.S.: The Bombed Nuclear Reactor in Iraq."

CIA also reported to the Bush Administration that the aluminum tubes were not suitable for nuclear weapons development.
"How did the U.S. government lead its people to war? Bush Administration Claims vs. The Facts."

"Foreign government service says Iraq was trying to ... In that month, the claims of Saddam trying to get yellow-cake uranium from" CIA analysts did not think that Niger would or did sell any yellow cake. Later Bush told the American people it was wrong
"Context of 'January 2003: CIA Doubts Iraqi Government Used Salman Pak to Train
Terrorists.' August 2002: Former UN Inspector Says Allegations Iraqi Government Using Salman Pak to Train Terrorists Are False." http://www.historycommons.org/context.jsp?item=complete_timeline_of...

Also, not one terrorist involved in the airline hijacking and the 9-11 attack, were from Iraq, Our Allie until Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait. Al those involved in attacks on the United States terrorist were fromSaudi.
"Official: 15 of 19 Sept. 11 hijackers were Saudi" "02/06/2002 - Updated 06:29 AM ET."

Also, latter it was confirmed than none of the hijackers were from Iraq. So the premise of going to War with Iraq seemed based on false beliefs and False Data, as well as lies. Even the honorable Colin Powell, was mislead and gave a statement to the UN, showing an alleged mobile lab used for WMD. it was also wrong. So it is further evidence that "Dick Cheney's song of America:
Drafting a plan for global dominance" was starting with Iraq under the Bush Administration. Then America went to war Afghanistan supposedly to capture Osama bin Laden, but  understand taking control of Afghanistan like "Dick Cheney's
plan for global dominance, under Bush's Administration. It started October 7, 2001 with an aerial bombing campaign against the Taliban. Officially The war started March 20Th, 2003.
 "43,000 deployed unfit for combat Troops sent since 2003; health issues unknown By Gregg Zoroya
— More than 43,000 U.S. troops listed as medically unfit for combat in the weeks before their scheduled deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan since 2003 were sent anyway, Pentagon records show."

US sends Tens of Thousand of troops after one man, and 500 – 1,000 Al-Qaeda القاعدة‎ operatives (2001), that operates world wide, go to Iraq and Afghanistan. Sounds like a "Dick Cheney's plan for global dominance. Maybe they thought Osama bin Laden would be in an Al-Qaeda version of Starbucks, having a "Venti, sugar-free, non-fat, vanilla soy, double shot, decaf, no foam, extra hot, Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha with light whip and extra syrup "http://fodder4thought.wordpress.com."
Just waiting for a trip to Guantanamo Bay prison. Then maybe they though they would Shock and awe the terrorist. (technically known as rapid dominance), it is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power, dominant battlefield awareness. There is that Cheney word again, dominant
 And with unemployment at "6.5-2003 to 8.5 in 207, The 3rd highest. (OECD Harmonized Unemployment Rate in 21 Countries).

This would fit into "Dick Cheney's plan for global dominance." The American unemployed, under educated, or poor, the more join the Military, where they can get free room and board and clothes with some pocket money as long as the live. Like I said earlier, "Dick Cheney's plan for global dominance."follows the path of the Fall of the Roman Empire. So " Middle Class" sit down and stop bitching, keep voting these "Upper Class" Power hungry, Egocentric, Self-serving Politicians into office. In Rome, if the lower classes complained they go in prison, or blocks, or crucified you for Bitching against the emperor. In American complaining is allowed. To change things, vote a person from the "Middle Class" for President, like myself to get any press coverage, American
will keep following the plan for global dominance and Preemptive attacks, with a cost of thousands and thousand of lives and trillions of dollars on military conflicts we create. Some day in the future visitors will cone and look at the ruined empty White house like people visit the Roman Colosseum. Just make sure the last American left puts out the campfire before they leave the former shiny seas.

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