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‘Let’s Talk about What We’re Actually Talking About’

Too bad Congress actually doing something is nearly as bad as Congress doing nothing. I’m referring to the ‘omnibill’, the poor excuse for a budget that was passed to stave off yet another government shutdown.  It’s not just the earmarks and other ‘pork’ that gets line-item added into such legislation, It’s the fact that seismic policy shifts that have no bearing on what is actually being passed are hidden into these massive funding bills. Two of the most blatant policy adjustments that have…

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New Corporate Tax Policy Idea

One of corporate America's biggest gripes is the relatively high tax rates on business here in America (35%). Not that any company (or hardly any company) actually pays that amount what with all the assorted tax breaks, deductions, loopholes, etc. Just look at GE paying absolutely no taxes and in fact claiming a 3.2 Billion dollar tax benefit back in 2010, even though they earned over 5 Billion stateside and over 14 Billion worldwide. (NY Times) …

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In Defense of the Progressive Tax

One of the primary arguments against a progressive tax is that of wealth-transfer and the elements of communism/socialism that it brings up.

I still think a progressive earnings tax is the way to go. Bear with me for a minute and envision capitalism as a high stakes poker tournament. In the beginning all the players have the same buy-in, but as the games progress on various tables, there are winners and losers. The winners move up to the next table and the losers are now spectators.…

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I find myself disagreeing with both major parties’ platforms and have begun formulating my own viewpoints and solutions. Since I find myself split astride both parties, like many others around the country, I think it’s high time a viable third option be created. I began dreaming of what I would like to name this future third party and ‘Citizen’ really rang true. Lo and behold, a quick google turned up this site and here I am; A civic-minded Citizen of the US, eager to look forward and offer…

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