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Poverty. Of What Degree?


Of What Degree?

We see and hear this word a lot. It, apparently, is something that “comes with the territory of Life”. I am happy to report that poverty is not as prevalent, in American Culture, as is Mid-range affluence and Prosperity. It has been estimated that 14.3% of the American Populace is “below the poverty line”, (as of 2009). Some “lower” than others. Poverty is more prevalent than the upper ranges of wealth and power. More poor people than rich people…as seen… Read more →

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We should take much more seriously this "We The People" designation. More activism and participation in the affairs of Our Nation should be evident. Just being born here and being a "Consumer" shouldn't earn Us the designation "Citizen".

Citizen should be an involved thing. A socially caring thing. More than just self serving Individual that can only find the time, in their lives, to develope prosperity and parent Families. These activities do build the foundation for Our nation, but…

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"The Golden Light, Rule and Will Standard for the New American Money"

This is another one I wrote in 2009. I really do believe in the principles and concepts of this proposal, but understand that it is a bit much for most Americans ways of thinking. But...who knows...maybe this article would strike a chord that Our Culture needs. Its up to yall...We The People.

This would come after We have gotten rid of the "Federal Reserve". I think. Though it could be incrementally initiated at the community grassroots level.


"The Golden…

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The American Earned Guaranteed Income

I wrote this idea back in 2008. I reckon it would have to be part of a sweeping program of fundamental change. Certain things would have to change before this proposal could be effective in the way it was meant to be.


"The American Earned Guaranteed Income"

There is no need for people to suffer because of fluctuations in the American economy. We have the capability to build the following New Deal for all of Us. It will provide a secure foundation, much in the Spirit…

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Are All Corporations Bad? A New Economic Word For The Many

Here i am, being "Foundationally Pragmatic" again. Maybe this will stimulate a good idea for the good use of the "Citizen Party".


As upset as i am about the situations and circumstances of the state of Our World, Nation and State, I can't bring myself to believe that every corporation is malignant for Our species.

Are there some corporations that harm Humanity less than others? Shouldn't We be compiling a list of the more benevolent ones?

Is corporatism…

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"Standards Of Decency" Clearer Guidelines For A Better America - Part 1

Maybe the Citizen Party could sponsor a whole New American Cultural Standards System. A system of "good" standards that are designed and intended to nurture and guide Our Nation, to help Us define Ourselves in all Our Diversity.

America's Citizenry, as well as the rest of its consumer population, covers a wide range of cultural and ideological elements. This makes it very difficult to achieve…

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Ending The Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank

I'm just an average Citizen with maybe a little bit more interest in what becomes of "America" and more imagination to see possibilities for it to become More and Better.

One thing I think I "know" is that things are the way they are simply because there are those few Humans who say something will be and expect it to be...just because they say so.

It occurs to me that they may or may not be more qualified to make many decisions for Us. They are smart and have their specialties,…

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Projects For The Improvement Of America - A Few Quick Suggestions.

While the platform of the "Citizens Party" has a lot of good and worthy ideas to get Our Nation to a Better place, I will suggest some further "fundamental changes" that might also help. I do this for future reference, thinking that the proposals on the "Citizen Party Platform" deserves Our support and focus for now.

In addition to the present platform, maybe We could one day consider the following:

(1) After "getting back" to the Constitution, (the "Original Republic One" and…

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Beginning Of Definitions Of Terms Of Ideas For Helping America Become More and Better.

It has been said, something to the effect that: "Whoever would win an argument should first define the terms within that argument. Now, I really do not like to "argue". I prefer self-disciplined, structured and reasoned discussion, that has as its intention, improvement of a situation...making something "More" and "Better".

Definitions are carefully thought out, (deep gratitude to Daniel Webster), in an honest Spirit that dedicates itself to Truth. I can't help but believe that Mr.…

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Beginning The Corrections For A "Better" America.

In the months ahead, I plan to gradually post many ideas intended to help Our Nation become "More" and "Better". I would like to share a few of my general beliefs and notions and then, in the next blog, start defining the terms I use in my sharings. These beliefs and notions are the ground work from which my ideas spring.

Generally speaking, (there are always exceptions to ways and rules), I believe the following:

(1) We are Created Sentient Beings that have and are Evolving…

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