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U.S. Waste billions in Afghanistan

After having wasted billions in Iraq, Washington has been wasting billions more in Afghanistan. About 400 billion dollars has already been spent on the Afghan war. What this amount doesn't include is the cash that goes missing in to the abyss, just like it did in Iraq, from the ghost construction projects that remain incomplete. So the billions of dollars end up in corruption in Afghanistan is a total waste of U.S. taxpayers dollars when will it stop. From a story on RT.

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Citizens Party National Level Committees


We will be creating new committee groups over the next several weeks, 1 for each committee. The activity/content within these groups will only be seen by the members of the groups (committee members).


Ballot Access Committee- assists candidates and state chapters in ballot access petitioning, lobbying for fair ballot…

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National Debt on par with GDP

We are approaching a national debt that is on par with America's total GDP. This is a very serious problem because most economic research suggests that countries tend to decelerate in their growth. And have more severe economic problems once their debt-to-GDP ratio gets above 90 % and we're about to go through that level so we need to get our country back on track.

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Major Media Corporations-The Big Six,

Theseare the six I did not identify all on Citizens Party because I cannot upload picture here.

See all Major

Media Corporations Like The Big Six, Do Not Give Any Equal Time To

"Middle-Class" Candidates…

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Major Media Corporations Like The Big Six, Do Not Give Any Equal Time To "Middle-Class" Candidates


1The "middle class" that makes up 72% of our population. The middle class" cannot out spend the Wealthy, that buys The presidency every election, with the Help of CNN/Time Warner and part of GE that did not pay taxes on $14 plus billions dollar profit. But the "middle class" can out vote them if we can get coverage of one of our own people from the middle class. But The major media corporations like the Big Six, do not give any equal time to a middle class candidate, that does…

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The Loss of American Self Reliance

The Loss of American Self-Reliance and the Coming Age of Instability

When we place our feet to the earth, it is increasingly difficut to feel the steady rich soil between our toes or to feel any solid bedrock underneath us. Instead of being grounded and steadied, we are increasingly met with instability and uncertainty. This instability will make it increasingly difficult for America to stand tall and proud. Our strong American foundation is being slowly and sometimes not so…

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Presidential Candidate for 2012 - Mission-Goals For American Middle Class


1.Bring all American Military home from every Muslim Islamic Country the day I'm sworn in as your President.


2. Stop giving Billions of dollars to Muslim-Islamic Nations that call us the infidels.


3. Stay out of all Middle East Conflicts.


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CNN Poll: 75% of Americans Approve of Obama Personally

America! Happy Days Are Here Again: CNN Poll: 75% of Americans Approve of Obama Personally.
Hey I have been told I have a good Personally. Do you know how may U.S. home foreclosures we could have saved with 700 billion dollars given to Wall street? 700 Billion dollars would pay for 24 million loans for one year. To carry the loans for 20 years at 5% interest

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Charles Harvey's race for the presidency speech

Charles Harvey has been invited to speak to the students (the young voters) about himself, current issues, and his race for the presidency.


Time: Wednesday, November 9 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Location:  McDaniel…

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The Upper Class And Older Voters Will Put Another Former Politician In White House

Why do American voters believe a former politician from the upper

class is the only person that will make a terrific president? What have any

politicians ever done for the youth, the middle class or working class American?

Almost half of Congress are millionaires. They tell us this is the greatest

nation on earth, and they love American. Of course, they do. They live happily,

eat well, do dress well and can pay their bills and have not…

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"We the People or For The People and, By The people."

Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in the affairs that properly concern them” (Paul Valery

It is a tool for Middle Americans to save America. It is everything you need to make the right decision and keeps American well informed. Honest caring Americans can take back our Government

and the White House. It gives the people the power on Main Street America and take control of Wall street. Main Street Americans has the power to out… Read more →

Added by Charles Earl Harvey on May 29, 2011 at 6:00pm — 1 Comment

Drafting a 2012 Citizens Party Presidential Candidate

Citizens Party members can draft candidates that they would like to see nominated as either the Citizens Party Presidential or VP candidate. In order for draft candidates to be considered in the Citizens Party nomination process, they must have a sponsor(s). Sponsors must submit the following information to the Citizens Party:

    1.The first and…

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How to Seek the Citizens Party 2012 Presidential Nomination

Here is our current rules and information for 2012 Presidential & Vice-Presidential candidates seeking our nomination at the 2012 Citizens Party National Convention as of 5/12/2011:

Citizens Party Presidential Candidate Requirements:…

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Poverty. Of What Degree?


Of What Degree?

We see and hear this word a lot. It, apparently, is something that “comes with the territory of Life”. I am happy to report that poverty is not as prevalent, in American Culture, as is Mid-range affluence and Prosperity. It has been estimated that 14.3% of the American Populace is “below the poverty line”, (as of 2009). Some “lower” than others. Poverty is more prevalent than the upper ranges of wealth and power. More poor people than rich people…as seen… Read more →

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Help Charles harvey Get On Ballot For president 2012


  • Go to This Sight and Sign Petition, Please. …

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Social Media Report - Goals


Here is a brief summary of some of our social media sites as of May 1, 2011. The figures below include two sets of goals. The first is the end of the year (a critical time for our ballot access efforts in several key states) and the second goal is November 1, 2012, just days before the 2012 general election. Future reports will include our activity on additional social networking sites.


Please help us reach our goals. These goals may appear lofty, but they can be…

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Throwing rocks in the White House

Today, I saw in the paper and online where President Obama was recently mocking Donald Trump for going on and on about his (President Obama's) birth certificate. Obama was also mocking several other people. Well, why doesn't he mock himself for the sorry job he is doing as President. Unemployment is still high and many other Americans are having a hard time getting to their jobs with the high cost of fuel. Our leader is refusing to tap into our oil reserves to ease gas prices after it was…

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American Corporations cut 500,000 jobs -Then hired 729,000 workers overseas

Many large American corporations cut U.S. payroll on 500,000 jobs.  They hired 729,000 workers overseas. These are U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers. See the list list of US companies confirmed are "Exporting America."…

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 People in places with so many faces all of different races. We are just people all from the the same race. We might be of different colors, and speak a different language, be from a different country, have a different religion, and be of different sexes. might have different kind of parter, and be of different shapes and sizes, have different color hair and eyes, but were from the very same race the human kind, so get together and be kind to one another

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