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Fundamental Change - Part Four - Applying Fundamental Change For The Evolutionary Process Of Humanity.

Fundamental Change – Part Four - Applying Fundamental Change For The Evolutionary Process Of Humanity.


We draw upon everything We know or believe about God and Goodness and how this is beneficial to most of Humanity, then We have a basis from which and upon which, to apply Fundamental Change as an Evolutionary Process.


When an Individual’s intelligence and Faith has finally enabled them to choose to take the direction…

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If I were building a house, and I knew the building inspector would not approve how it was being built, I would stop and work with the building inspector to build it the way he wanted.

Continuing to build in the way I wanted would be a waste of time and energy.

When Congress and Mr. Boehner (Debt Man) continues to build a budget knowing it will not…

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Taking into consideration all the partisan bickering that has brought not only our government, but our country as well to a virtual standstill, I just want to say this to my fellow Citizens Party members:



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Added by PAUL FIELDS on July 30, 2011 at 8:51am — 1 Comment

Doomsday Warning On Deficit

Doomsday Warning On Deficit Default-Media Thrives on Creating Fear To The American People.


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The Debt debate


There was a fence between houses that was in need of repair.  The two owners of the houses got together to discuss how they would repair the fence.


They knew the cost of repairing the fence was $10,000.00.  Neither owner could afford the repair cost so they stated discussing how they could afford the costs.


Neighbor 1; "well, I think WE could afford it if YOU sold your sports cars"  Shocked and stunned, neighbor 2 responded;

"Well, that is true…

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

During all this blah, blah, blahing, going on in Washington, I am still not hearing enough about job creation in the US.  Our economy is going to keep on suffering until we quit giving away all the sources of income for our citizens.  I guess the general feeling in government is to keep all the rich bank and corporate execs(and legislators) happy while trying to passify everyone else.  This isn"t going to keep working.  People are getting sick and tired of it and once we can get…

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Fourteenth Amendment-Section 4.

Fourteenth Amendment-Section 4. is not that  clear and the Supreme Court said it was outdated and did not applied for these times.

“The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any state shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against…

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Fundamental Change - Part Three - It Is A Product Of "Positive" Or "Negative" Force.

Fundamental Change – Part Three – It Is A Product Of Positive Or Negative Forces.


We achieved “Fundamental Change” in the Colonial Beginnings. Many of the Poor Working Class found fresh opportunity to become More and Better. Prosperity increased to those that worked hard and were smart enough to seize and exploit opportunities. Entreprenuerism, especially agricultural, was entered by most as soon as they completed…

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Added by Scolos Narbarson on July 27, 2011 at 5:00pm — No Comments

Working on the Debt

I think the American People are tired of the Republicans and Democrats over all. I think we should make the Banking Institutions pay back money for the bailouts that was suppose to help but instead sent high executives on vacation. Also we should make these Countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea. to name a few to pay us to help them defend or create a new government. The one thing I see to help get control of our debt is to do a pay cut of at least 5 percent…
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The Debt ceiling

If you watched the President Obama's and Mr. Boehner's speech last night you will agree with me that we don't have a financial problem in America.  We have a Political Problem.

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Fundamental Change. Part Two - A Brief Look At American Colonial Beginnings - Immediately There Is Diversity.

I do not count the contact achieved by the Welsh and Norse adventurers of an earlier time.

From the "Old World" first came the Spanish Colonies. For the most part ordered and consistent in social structure...religion, political system derived from Spanish Royalty. Whose weakness was the shortage of colonizers.

Then the English efforts began at Roanoke and Jamestown and Plymouth. At first militarily oriented with mostly soldiers building the settlements. Later came Families,…

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Added by Scolos Narbarson on July 25, 2011 at 7:00pm — No Comments

Americas Debt.

The United States Constitution, Article 1, Section 8; The Congress shall have power to ....pay the debts....

When the two political party's refuse to negotiate on paying our country's debt, We the citizens will pay the price.  Congress has the power to pay debt, but not the obligation.  It's time for a real change in our government.


Today, July 25, 2011 7 days before we…

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Fundamental Change. Part One - An Attempt To Identify And Understand, The Concept.

Fundamental Change is "Foundational Change". It is a deeper phenomena than "Surface Consequential Change" that occurs in the daily course of a planet's population's living. It is more intentional and targeting. It seeks to get at and correct the roots of problems. Change in which that which does not work is replaced with that which does. All Evolution and More and Better events and states is based on improvement toward an ideal goal of stronger establishment of changes that produces More and…

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The Experience of A "Middle Class" Presidential Candidate-2012-With Americas Media.

File Name: quixote_2

Description: Don…
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Added by Charles Earl Harvey on July 21, 2011 at 10:14pm — 3 Comments

Presidential Campaign Support Committee

The Citizens Party is seeking volunteers to serve on our Presidential Campaign Support Committee.  The Presidential Campaign Support Committee offers ideas and support for all candidates seeking the 2012 Citizens Party Presidential and Vice-Presidential nomination. The Committee will work closely with the Ballot Access Committee and several other committees. Most of the focus of the committee will take place after we have nominated our 2012 Presidential ticket. The Committee will hold an…

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A Plan For Global Dominance-Planned In 1991 And Implemented in Iraq and Afghanistan, etc,etc.

"Dick Cheney's song of America: Drafting a plan for global dominance."…

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Added by Charles Earl Harvey on July 18, 2011 at 6:03pm — No Comments

Charles Harvey MSW- Presidential Candidate fir 2012-Well educated from the "middle Class." Home made Campaign movie-video made by Charles for a cost $40.00 out of his own pocket.






This is Charles Harvey first time to make a movie at a cost of $40.00 for application software out of my own pocket.

Staff Members

Observers:My 2 pet dogs.

Scenes: Charles Harvey.

Synchronization audio to  video Charles…

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Message from the National Rifle Assoc. to the United Nations

NRA Delivers Remarks at U.N.

Concerning Proposed Arms Trade Treaty


National Rifle Association's Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre addressed the United Nations this afternoon.…

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Added by James Pirtle on July 15, 2011 at 7:30am — 1 Comment

Introducing Aviary Integrated Photo Editing


We just added a new tool, Aviary Integrated Photo Editing. This new tool allows you to easily edit your photos directly on our website. The tool can make fast simple tweeks to your photos like cropping, red-eye reduction, editing the brightness, contrast and colors. You can also add text to your photos.


To use Aviary Integrated Photo Editing simply go your your page and click on the photo that you want to edit. Hover your mouse over the photo and…

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The Real RidicuList: By Charles Harvey 365 -"The Rest of The Story"

"China’s censorship policies in both the new and traditional media sectors. Just what the…
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