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"We the People or For The People and, By The people."

Politics is the art of preventing people from taking part in the affairs that properly concern them” (Paul Valery

It is a tool for Middle Americans to save America. It is everything you need to make the right decision and keeps American well informed. Honest caring Americans can take back our Government

and the White House. It gives the people the power on Main Street America and take control of Wall street. Main Street Americans has the power to out… Read more →

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Drafting a 2012 Citizens Party Presidential Candidate

Citizens Party members can draft candidates that they would like to see nominated as either the Citizens Party Presidential or VP candidate. In order for draft candidates to be considered in the Citizens Party nomination process, they must have a sponsor(s). Sponsors must submit the following information to the Citizens Party:

    1.The first and…

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How to Seek the Citizens Party 2012 Presidential Nomination

Here is our current rules and information for 2012 Presidential & Vice-Presidential candidates seeking our nomination at the 2012 Citizens Party National Convention as of 5/12/2011:

Citizens Party Presidential Candidate Requirements:…

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Poverty. Of What Degree?


Of What Degree?

We see and hear this word a lot. It, apparently, is something that “comes with the territory of Life”. I am happy to report that poverty is not as prevalent, in American Culture, as is Mid-range affluence and Prosperity. It has been estimated that 14.3% of the American Populace is “below the poverty line”, (as of 2009). Some “lower” than others. Poverty is more prevalent than the upper ranges of wealth and power. More poor people than rich people…as seen… Read more →

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Help Charles harvey Get On Ballot For president 2012


  • Go to This Sight and Sign Petition, Please. …

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Social Media Report - Goals


Here is a brief summary of some of our social media sites as of May 1, 2011. The figures below include two sets of goals. The first is the end of the year (a critical time for our ballot access efforts in several key states) and the second goal is November 1, 2012, just days before the 2012 general election. Future reports will include our activity on additional social networking sites.


Please help us reach our goals. These goals may appear lofty, but they can be…

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Throwing rocks in the White House

Today, I saw in the paper and online where President Obama was recently mocking Donald Trump for going on and on about his (President Obama's) birth certificate. Obama was also mocking several other people. Well, why doesn't he mock himself for the sorry job he is doing as President. Unemployment is still high and many other Americans are having a hard time getting to their jobs with the high cost of fuel. Our leader is refusing to tap into our oil reserves to ease gas prices after it was…

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