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American Corporations cut 500,000 jobs -Then hired 729,000 workers overseas

Many large American corporations cut U.S. payroll on 500,000 jobs.  They hired 729,000 workers overseas. These are U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers. See the list list of US companies confirmed are "Exporting America."…

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 People in places with so many faces all of different races. We are just people all from the the same race. We might be of different colors, and speak a different language, be from a different country, have a different religion, and be of different sexes. might have different kind of parter, and be of different shapes and sizes, have different color hair and eyes, but were from the very same race the human kind, so get together and be kind to one another

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The consequences of our Wars


Hello to all citizens !

I am new in joining the Citizens Party website as of the day of this post, but would like to share some of my thoughts on our wars.


Firstly, Since the united states organized and signed the Charter/Treaty with the UN in 1945 this gave…

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Making the Citizens Party come to life in 2012

We must make the Citizens Party come to life for 2012. We should step it even to another level  by getting the many levels of the  media to know all about the Citizens Party and passing it on to the people of the United States so they can see  what we stand for  .Also we must use the net to the max like  volunteers to  blog  and twitter non stop  the net is the best tool we have beside the foot troops of the Citizens Party  giving out fliers and getting people to sign petitions to get this…

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