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Comment by William Edson on August 4, 2011 at 10:19pm


I too am new to the CP.  I do know however that there are several ways to gain interest and gain some local interest.  In short here are a few ideas:  1.  Host a neighborhood dinner rally   2.  Do a door to door voter registration drive  3.  Distribute pamphlets   4.  Invite facebook friends to the CP website  and/ or use twitter and linedin...

After you establish a base of supporters you can reach further and gather even more interest.  You don't need to try to convert folks from their current parties but just let them know there is abother option with a fresh and common sense platform.

Although new to the CP I have done some of this within the local Republican supprt group. 

I am just so tired of the partisan hostility and the power struggles of the traditional parties that have overshadowed true selfless duty to, I am looking elsewhere to invest my time and potential.  The CP has grabbed my attention but I still have my concerns with the limitations of such a small grassroots effort, in all honesty.  Yet, I can't help but remember how our country was started...

Welcome and good luck.


Comment by Colleen Davis on August 4, 2011 at 1:44pm
Hi Bill. I am new to the group, and also an Army Vet. I look forward to being an active part od the Citizens Party, more specifically, the 2012 Election, and public awareness. What does one need to do in order to organize within their community? Thank you.

Colleen Davis


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