Touted as a key to raising North America living standards so called " free tarde " deals like NAFTA have done quite the opposite. They've created the worst polarization of wealth since the 1920 s as multinational corporations have shifted production to areas where wages are low, and workers rights are nearly nonexistent, and theirs little regard is paid to the environment. A revitalization of U.S. jobs and our nation's employment cycle requires the U.S. to withdraw from NAFTA and all other trade agreements at once.  Source of info is thanks KJF.

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Sigh. Another silent group site. There are so many on the internet.

This group addresses a worthy cause. One that involves Most Of Us.

Keith John Ferguson has done well to start this group here in this lonely "Citizens Party" site. He certainly has demonstrated that he sees the need to correct the "NAFTA" problem and He probably sees the potential for increased Good, in Our Nation, of the "Citizens Party".

All I can suggest, regarding this issue, is, join as many groups and organizations that have dedicated themselves to this cause. Large lists of Citizens in particular causes are an important signal to "the establishment". Also, We as Individuals and as political parties should endeavor to form as many relationships and alliances as We can.

This group is not going to solve this problem alone. It is an important problem addressing "cause cell", but is only a small part of the Citizen reaction to the wrongdoing of "NAFTA". That is why it is important to reach out, as Individuals and as a group to others of like mind and heart. But this is not to say that this anti-NAFTA group cannot do its own valuable work, within the embrace of the "Citizens Party". We can explore this issue here and if We reach some level of agreement about it, then We can share this accord in other groups and web sites.

Do not stay in isolation. Practice connectivity in the name of the increasing power of cooperation. Discuss and Vote here and everywhere We can. This makes Us seen.

It is an honor to be a member of this well as many others.




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