State Group - North Carolina


State Group - North Carolina

Welcome to the North Carolina State Group for the Citizens Party! If you live in North Carolina, please join us to learn more about Citizens Party events and activities taking place in your state.

Location: North Carolina
Members: 11
Latest Activity: Mar 4, 2015

Congressional Districts: 13

North Carolina -01

District Leader:

North Carolina -02

District Leader:

North Carolina -03

District Leader:

North Carolina -04

District Leader:

North Carolina -05

District Leader: John Edward Kurian

North Carolina -06

District Leader:

North Carolina -07

District Leader:

North Carolina -08

District Leader:

North Carolina -09

District Leader:

North Carolina -10

District Leader:

North Carolina -11

District Leader:

North Carolina -12

District Leader: John Edward Kurian

North Carolina -13

District Leader:



2015 Ballot Access Requirements:

Full Party Status

89,366 valid signatures (~120,000+ total)

Deadline: May 17, 2015

Presidential Ticket Ballot Access

86,366 valid signatures (~120,000+total)*

Deadline: June 14, 2016*

* subject to change before 2016 


2016 Convention Delegates: Up to 19

13 Electors

~2 At-large

~2 State Committee

~2 National Committee



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