Our next California meeting is set for June 4th at Jerry's Deli in Marina del Rey. I would ask that everyone try to begin thinking about possible voter registration drive events and/or locations now so that they can be considered at the meeting.


We need to register alot of voters and so we need to begin picking those events/locations that will likely get us the most new registrations. Keep in mind that the largest age group that is not registered to vote is young voters.


We need beach locations, college campus locations, festivals, fairs, outside of events or busy locations, etc. Even if you can not attend the next meeting, we would appreciate any suggestions for our voter registration drive.


When other third parties reached the party voter registration requirement and gained ballot access in the past, they used a combination of volunteers and paid workers. These parties used the same strategy of sending volunteers out to events and hiring young people (usually good looking college students, mostly girls) and sent them out to a few different beaches. The volunteers registered or re-registered voters at a variety of events, fairs and festivals. And the paid workers registered alot of young people at the beaches. It appears that these parties would not have met the registration requirement by using either just the volunteers or the paid workers alone. Both were neccessary to reach the goal. So, keep this in mind. Also, think about some fundraising ideas as paid workers would cost roughly about $2. per registration.


California is expected to pass a new law soon banning the use of paid workers to register voters or collect petition signatures. If that bill passes, it would go into effect on Jan. 3, 2012. So, this year very well might be our last chance to use paid workers.



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We need to check out the websites and see their advertising rates and which get the most hit counts per cost. Huffington Post does not seem like a good investment since a huge portion of their viewers are staunch democrats. Rense gets 12 million hits per mounth for reasonable rates. When I used to get my articles posted there I would get up to 5 thousand hits in just one day. I will check out Crooks and Liars.

When is the next meeting in California?




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