Our next California meeting is set for June 4th at Jerry's Deli in Marina del Rey. I would ask that everyone try to begin thinking about possible voter registration drive events and/or locations now so that they can be considered at the meeting.


We need to register alot of voters and so we need to begin picking those events/locations that will likely get us the most new registrations. Keep in mind that the largest age group that is not registered to vote is young voters.


We need beach locations, college campus locations, festivals, fairs, outside of events or busy locations, etc. Even if you can not attend the next meeting, we would appreciate any suggestions for our voter registration drive.


When other third parties reached the party voter registration requirement and gained ballot access in the past, they used a combination of volunteers and paid workers. These parties used the same strategy of sending volunteers out to events and hiring young people (usually good looking college students, mostly girls) and sent them out to a few different beaches. The volunteers registered or re-registered voters at a variety of events, fairs and festivals. And the paid workers registered alot of young people at the beaches. It appears that these parties would not have met the registration requirement by using either just the volunteers or the paid workers alone. Both were neccessary to reach the goal. So, keep this in mind. Also, think about some fundraising ideas as paid workers would cost roughly about $2. per registration.


California is expected to pass a new law soon banning the use of paid workers to register voters or collect petition signatures. If that bill passes, it would go into effect on Jan. 3, 2012. So, this year very well might be our last chance to use paid workers.



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Thanks for setting up this discussion Michael.


I think we must take advantage of the paid workers angle while we have it.  Not to mention that it would employ lots of folks who need the money.


At the meeting I think some good fundraising ideas should be sought out.



Going to college campuses make the most sense. The problem with all is that they are private property and they may not allow it. Public festivals might work and it doesn't hurt to try and Tea Party or Anti-war rallies.

It seems to me that the Tea Party has a home already with the Republican Party.  I do think there is an element though in the Tea Party that would be attracted to the Citizens Party.


I believe it will all kind of depend on what the bottom line of the Citizens Party platform ends up being.  My understanding is that the Tea Party is opposed to "big government" and various government run programs like Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.


I would like to see Social Security strengthened and, as a Registered Nurse,  I am also a strong proponent of Universal Healthcare/Improved and Enhanced Medicare for All.


Hitting the anti-war rallies is a great idea but unfortunately there don't seem to be too many of those.


Paid signature gatherers and pushing the various internet platforms in order to "market" our party and get people to the website to check it out and have links available for each state (where applicable) for folks to just click their way to a new registration, I think, is the best way to reach our goal.


I believe we could take the Citizens Party viral in California and get way more than 103,000 new registrants by working the internet in an effective way.  And for that we will need a budget and some fundraisers.


Attracting some exciting individuals to a fundraiser/debate? like Chris Hedges, Thom Hartmann, Paul Craig Roberts and others is one idea on how to raise money.


Of course all that would depend on how the various individuals feel about forming a third party.  From what I've been reading I'm finding that a majority of Americans are ready to move away from the Republicans and Democrats.  They just need to be given a viable, credible alternative with a very clear agenda/platform that would be easily supported by Main Street America.




We need the funding to hire payed workers but I personally feel it would be a better deal to put the funds into advertisement. I pointed out how Rense gets several millions hits a mounth and charges reasonable rates. When I used to post my articles there I would get about 5 thousand hits in just one day.

Hi Robert,


As much time as you have available, please do the research on all the various websites that we might advertise with.  Rense is great.  Maybe Crooksandliars.com, HuffPo, Whatreallyhappened, salon.com, opednews etc.


I hope you can come to the June 4th meeting with lots of great advertising information for us!



Those are some great ideas. I am working on contact pulib figures and activist about the Citizens Party such as Frosty Wooldridge who is an environmental and anti-illegal immigration activist and John Madaille who is an distributist economist who wrote a book called "Towards a Truely Free Market." Other suggestions are Jesse Ventura, George Noory, Jformer Congressman Jim Traficant, and former Colorado Gov. Dick Lamm.

Not sure about some of the individuals you have suggested.


But a great debate is always a good idea for a fundraiser!!!!




I had an unexpected emergency over the past few days. I will reply to this thread sometime over the next day or two when I get a chance to write a detailed response.

Thanks Michael.


I sent a press release to the Venice Beachhead about the event and they ignored me.  Probably because everyone who is into the BH is Peace and Freedom Party.


I'll try putting a blurb in the LA Weekly.


I'm working on a private duty case all weekend so Monday will be my next free day.


Hope all goes well Michael.



In order to reach our goal of 103,000 + registrations it will take active volunteers on the ground, paid workers, fundraising and advertising.


Our 2011 ballot access/voter registration drive strategy to get the required registants will be different than our 2012 strategy to attract supporters/voters.


We do not need to target political types. It is fine if we have volunteers at some various political type of events, but those will likely not yield the best results. We just need a general pitch to folks you are generally unhappy with both parties and who probably are not activists --> Middle Class Americans and Young People.


At this point, we do not care who registers with our party. It doesn't matter if Tea Party supporters, progessives, communists, democrats, Republicans, Independents or who ever else. The bottom line is to get 103,000 registrants by the deadline. The 2012 strategy will be more targeted to specific voter types. Young people who kind of don't like politics or pissed off middle class Americans are the ones that will be easiest to get registered. It does not matter if they eventually decide to vote at this point. Those people will register or re-register at higher rates than trying to pick off progessive or Republican political activists who have grown unhappy with both parties. We can target those people in 2012.


Nobody has had much success trying to register people mostly online. Unity08 struggled a few years ago and they had millions of dollars in online advertising, marketing and lots of media coverage. This time around on with a different name, they are having success with paid workers and volunteers. We must use all four legs of the chair.  We can advertsie/recruit new members to switch their own voter registration. We can move aggressively online in trying to register/re-register voters. And we absolutely need the most important two legs...1. active volunteers willing to sit at a table or walk around at events or good locations to register regular people and 2. Paid volunteers (young folks targeting other young voters).


We can do alot online, but it is going to take alot of shoe leather by both volunteers and workers. It is difficult to convince large groups of people to register online. It is much easier to convince someone Face-to-Face that both parties suck and they need to try this new party. Lots of people are unhappy with both parties. But, they aren't often motivated enough to switch registration. Having someone if front of them makes it much more likely to get them to follow through (especially with young people). With face-to-face contact we can tell them how to fill it out and we will even mail the form for them when they complete it. That is easier than printing out an online form and mailing it. We will need a web team, but we can't reach our goals without a strong volunteer team and paid workers.


Volunteers will need to be out on the weekends and by the summer/fall we will need volunteers and paid workers out nearly everyday. We can work on fundraisers and advertising early to gather some more volunteers and contributions. It will take time to raise alot of money, so we can probably plan to use the paid workers for the second half of the year (August through December).


If we get a few college students to join, then it will be easy to get access to college campauses. Even without college student members on any particular campus, most college campuses hold voter registration drives for various clubs and parties. We have been invited to participate in several in other states already.


We have lots of possibilities, we just need to begin getting volunteers out there asap.


At the meeting, several different individuals should be given the task of picking up voter registration forms.


I would recommend that events such as debates should mostly be planned for 2012. We don't need to focus as much now on winning people over. We just need to focus on getting people to fill out the voter registration forms.


As far as Tea Party members/events go. We will need some percentage of those people to join us in 2012. We will need some progressives as well. But, the majority of folks will probably come from regular Independents, Republicans and Democrats. We cannot reject any of those voters completely. Many Tea Party voters are very different than they are shown on cable news. Most of the Tea Party leadership has been hijacked by the Republican Party. But, many of the members are not right wing republicans. We will be able to attract some of them, we already have. We will need to unite some from the right and left that agree on foreign policy, trade, federal reserve and other issues.


We don't need to worry about the platform or which "political activists" we will target now. We need to target regular people, not political activists. We need to target regular people, not right wingers or progressives.


We just need to get out there and talk to regular middle class Americans and young people. Just two or three volunteers sitting at a table during a music festival or county fair can get hundreds or even thousands of new registrants.. We just need to find a few folks willing to get the process started.







Our base of voters is and will remain middle class Americans...and we need to bring in more young people.  But, will not be an ideological party that leans left or right. If it looks like our membership or contributions donors lean too much to the left or right we are toast. We will be finished. A new conservative party will fail and a new progressive party will fail. We will always be percieved as a spoiler and even if we rise in the polls, voters will leave us as the election nears. We have to attract voters from the big three - Independents, Democrats and Republicans..  Our existence must be seen as a challenge to both parties. If it looks like our existence would help one of the two parties, we will sink and never amount to more than a "spoiler" or protest vote. We don't want that. We want to win and help this nation. 


I understand.


I tried to put an announcement in the LA Weekly last night online but they have a 3 week advance.


They still might accept the ad as it will be for the June 2nd edition.  (It comes out every Thursday).




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