I will write up and post a monthly list of important items that need to be discussed at the monthly meetings in addition to the agenda items members might already want to discuss. I want to make sure that everyone is on the same page and aware of the critical tasks (especially ballot access strategy) that need discussed and addressed. 

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I set up the meetup group on meetup.com but I'm havign trouble to promote it. I don't see a way to invite members besides by e-mail.

Robert, did you figure out how to invite people?

I wasn't able to figure it out. Is there a way to change the group to LA? Socal might work as long as the events are localized,

We had a good meeting at Jerry's Deli in Marina del Rey on Saturday evening, the 10th of September.

Attending were Robert Stark, Jack Crane, Lloyd Kind, Charlene Richards and Charlyn Lynton.


We had a good overall discussion to get to know one another and Charlyn offered to set up a "Meetup" group for the purposes of building interest in the Citizens Party.  She said there are many people in "Meetup" forums looking for a new direction.

It looks like I may be having surgery around the 29th of September and that will force me to be out of things for several weeks.


If others in the group wish to proceed with the next meeting at a location we discussed at a Beverly Hills park (an announcement could be placed in the Beverly Hills Courier I think if done at least three weeks in advance of the meeting), I'm all for that!


I will forward the sign-in sheet to Michael so he can be in direct contact with all those attending.



Thanks for the update Charlene. 



If you can figure out how to change the group name to a more localized name such as Los Angeles Area CP meetup,  Los Angeles Metro.... etc., etc. that would probably help people find their proper group easier. Someone from San Diego might come across your current group name first and sign-up without looking for or finding a San Diego CP meetup group that we hope to launch later this year. If you are unable to change the name, then we will make the best of it. 


Meetup groups used to have the ability to select assistant organizers. You could make Charlynn the assistant organizer since she was already going to start a CP meetup group. Unless, you both want to have different groups and build our membership/meetings in different parts / suburbs of the city/county. ??  


The tags or categories that the CP meetup groups select should include New American Indepenent Party meetups. That way people on our old NAIP meetup waiting list will be notified of our new CP groups. Here is the url for the NAIP meetup waiting lists: http://newamerind.meetup.com/

We need to get the people on these waiting lists to join our CP meetups (atleast the serious people, some of them look like they might be pushing other agendas). 


Tags/categories should be selected very carefully and should reflect what the CP is about or should target groups of voters that we want or think might be interested in the Citizens Party. A tag "unemployed" is probably a tag that I will use. Millions of people are unemployed and they are more likely to be fed up enough to consider voting for a third party. If someone use the "Tea Party" tag to attract people in those groups to our meetup, then they should also use a "Coffee Party" tag. We need to attract Independents, Republicans and Democrats...lots of them.  "Immigration Reform" or Immigration Control" probably has more groups associated with them and we will likely be seen by more people if we associate with one of those tags as opposed to anti-illegal immigration. I am not sure that the tags "Liberty" and "Constitutionalist" are the best fits for the Citizens Party. But, if they are being used to attract people that go for those buzz words then that is fine. These tags are just suggestions. 


I know that you love Ron Paul. But, keep in mind that the Citizens Party is trying to create our own identity and we have a different set of priorities/ solutions than does Ron Paul or any of the other two party candidates. We don't want to associate with or appear closer to one party or one candidate within the two party system. If people think that we show any favor towards any of the two party candidates or parties or think one is "less evil" than the other, we will be toast. We will end up being nothing more than a fringe party or a protest vote party. We want to build our party and win elections and most importantly bring real change, real reform and better our nation and the citizens living here. 







I do need some help promoting the meetup group. I have looking for like minded individuals and telling them about us on their walls but have not gotten any news joins. Several people discovered the group on their own.



I will send an email out to our entire CA member list early next week announcing the meetup group and urging them to join. 

We always get higher email open rates on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Thus, the reason for next week. 

Is the mailing list seperate from those who are signed up on this site. I also have an idea of promoting the party to small businesses.

Yes, the mailing list is different than the list of people who signed up on this site. It includes our old NAIP members (most of whom haven't signed up on this site yet).  




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