Can anyone print out some Citizens Party Presidential Petition Papers and take them to the September Southern CA Citizens Party meeting??  The packet is 4 pages. 2 to 5 packets should be enough to get people started and then more can be printed and delivered to the October meeting. 


We have been getting alot of requests to mail out these forms. We are trying to cut down on printing/ink/mailing costs so that we can begin advertising. So, if one or more people could print out some of these petition papers and take them to the meeting that would help out the party greatly. If someone plans to do this, please comment below to let me know. That way I have time to mail them if nobody volunteers. 


CITIZENS PARTY PETITION PAPERS - Citizens Party Presidential Candidates (including draft candidates) must collect 100+ valid signatures from registered voters in each of at least 5 states. I would recommend that 150+ signatures are collected in each of the 5 or more states in case some signatures are invalid or unreadable. I would recommend that candidates (and draft campaigns) collect well beyond the 100 - 5 requirement. The more signatures the better for both that candidate and the party. Members can circulate petitions for more than one CP Presidential candidate if they wish. Citizens that sign the petitions must be registered to vote, but can be registered with any party, no party or independent. 


These petition papers are a requirement of the party to allow the candidates name on the convention ballot. This is not a requirement of the state of California. We will have to circulate seperate petition papers AFTER our national convention in order to get our final Presidential ticket on the California ballot. 


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Hi Michael and Robert,

Since I'm going, I can go ahead and print the packets out, and take them to the meeting.




Thank you Charlynn! We appreciate your help. I have since been notified that we might also need another sign-up sheet. If anyone else could print out a copy and bring it to the meeting that would be very helpful.


Charlynn, I don't expect you to take care of this as well. I hope that other members will be able to help out as well. Does anyone else planning to go have a printer? 

I would like to help out by getting signatures in Michigan if I can?

That would be great Brandon. You can print out the petition papers above. These forms are for our Presidential candidates (and draft Pres. candidates). I would advise you to write the name of the candidate in the area for both the Presidential and Vice-Presidential offices. That way what ever candidate you get signatures for will be qualified for the VP nomination if they do not get the Presidential nomination. The candidates need 100+ signatures in at least 5 different states. 


We will be using different petition papers when we try to qualify for the Michigan ballot. We will be doing that effort in the spring of 2012. The deadline for those signatures (for the party) is July 19, 2012. We will begin sometime in May as we only have around 75 days to collect the required signatures. I will post a link to the candidate petition forms (listed above) on your state group in the next day or two. 



I'll bring the extra sign up sheet as well.

Thank you!!!




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