Buy stoping most foreign aid and spend the money here. But we need to still supply food and medical aid when we can. Buy rethinking how are Army protects us. Buy rethinking how we get are energy for are country. Thanks KJF.

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Stopping most foreign aid would be fine if that would really do anything.  Attaching strings would be a better idea...let the people of Pakistan know how much we are aiding them...that way maybe it would really get to them not the politicians or other "leaders".  Let Egyptians know what we have given Egypt, maybe that way we would not be the "Great Satan".  Seeing as how foreign aid makes up less than 5% of the budget (even that is generous), losing that would not really help the economic woes of this country.  Take all the government subsidies off energy and I bet we would be much better.  As to the not get me started on the waste and overcharging there.  We need someone willing to make and explain the hard choices and when the politicians bring up the dreaded abortion issue to scare everyone, we need someone that will explain with common sense how this issue will affect our country and be willing to talk to the people about this...not just in slogans or sins.

    I could go on and on about this, and maybe one day I will if I decide to run again...but comments like yours, do the nation no good...and this government needs to think more about this country instead of one little part of it this week.      Just my opinion, Gary Rostad

Yep. Well said.



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