As the first term for the President is almost over  we still have a weak  Infrastructure  in the United States.In 2012 when  a Citizen Party Candidate wins , I  would like to see a program that I call   Back to Basic Program where we take the Infrastructure and we start for a example  the roads   and rework them to at lease 50 % better then they are now .Also this will create jobs for the people of the United States which will lower the Unemployment  .You ask how will we fund this well there are many countries that owes the United states money we will set  payment program  to pay for the Infrastructure work .

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I'm for the idea of "rebuilding infrastructure". Our Nation becomes less and less efficient without this commitment. What if the debtor countries delay or default on payments?

Our infrastucture has passed inefficient and headed straight to unsafe.  I think there are many ways to pay for this.  How many pet and unproductive programs could be cut?  For example the EPA' s High Poduction Volume program for chemicals.  It is nice to know how safe a chemical is.  However, do we really need to pour multiple containers of vegetable oil on a rabbit to know that this is not a good idea?  Do we really need to force feed animals rat poison to know that swallowing it is a bad plan?  Another example is money spent on empty Federal property.  This adds up to billions.  Time to sell.  The are literally hundreds of examples.



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