Much of the current decline in American employment in the U.S. economy can be attributed to decades of failed policies in the manufacturing sector by the U.S. government. Without a concerted investment in the U.S. manufacturing our country will still see employment decline. Our Congress needs to craft a national industrail policy to restore the production of American made goods to secure economic prosperity for our nation's future. Thanks KJF.

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We The People need to do this Ourselves. Don't depend on representatives to do this. They are responsible for the decline. We are responsible for them.

Hmmm. I wonder what I can do to be my share of this need fulfillment and fundamental change? What could I produce. For how many could I produce it. I already know I can produce more food than I and my Family can consume. That is something I have a little practical experience with.

But it would be fun, I think, to build electric hot rods too. With quick change battery systems serviced by a "homestead based national network". Charging stations are already networking in California, Washington and Oregon, so why not quick change stations? This one of my "old" dreams, that could start humbly. It would offer opportunities to Families across the land too. A quick change station could be operated out of a garage.

But first the hot rod. A roadster or T-Bucket maybe. A hit with the young at heart. Especially if these could be built for modest worker budgets.

Just thinking and scheming.



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