In addition to a national industrial policy, which is basically a civil extension of the military-industrial complex to maintain R&D in new technologies, is to restore our economy through controlled protectionist measures. Strategic tariffs will help keep high-tech, exportable industries in the US, thus retaining US labor and higher per capita wages. China, India, S. Korea, and Japan all have trade barriers to protect their industries, regardless of WTO rules. Free trade has destroyed our country's economy. Domestic companies seeking higher profits are also taking advantage of trade regulations through foreign production for US markets. Dow Chemical, for example has increased it's overseas labor pool by 30% since 2007, while only 3% in the US, yet this is an "American" company? Nationalism has given in to capitalism. Let's level the playing field, and take back our country!

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Good basic steps toward the "Ideal".

In addition, I suggest that a "National Industrial Policy" be much more than "...a civil extension of the military-industrial complex to maintain R&D in new technologies...". As many as possible of unemployed American Workers should cooperate with each other to establish small and worker owned production facilities. Ideally this should be done without incurring debt...except by loans given by "Loan Team Groups" of good Citizens at no interest. Stay away from the banks, except for maybe state and community banks not aligned with the federal reserve.. Start small within affordable means and gradually build the businesses into strong, local service, economic structures that can eventually rival the monopoly corporations in production strength. Do what We can when We can and grow from that.

Food products and processing should be first. Followed by electric vehicle manufacturing and support systems. Then clean energy products.

Underground Citizen's Defense products would probably be a good market to nurture too.

I wonder if American Citizens can build electronic components from scratch? Glass from sand? Structural items from hemp?

It would be ideal if We could do this new economy without the waste and toxic intrusion so carelessly done by the corporate capitalists.





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