There are a lot of aspects in American Farming, but to my mind the first "division" in type, or kind, is that between "corporate farms" and "Family Farms".

I see a lot of the activity of corporate farming as increasingly harmful to Our Nation and the environment that supports it. Nature is being damaged to the detriment of We The American People. Corporate farming is corrupting and destroying the healthy practices of a Nature harmonized Agrarian Social Element of A Great America. I believe that corporate "farming" seeks, ultimately, to rebuild Our World in its own soulless corporate image and will end up destroying it and Us.

I am slow to support anything to do with corporate farming. It is a wrongful path to the future.

Family Farming is much Better, except for when it seeks to use corporate methods for higher profits. I'm with Thomas Jefferson about the American food producing processes. Closer to Nature, this way is and closer to where We should, as planetary inhabitants, be. Farming should be a matter of Human Spirit and Balanced energetic endeavor to provide and prosper. Not a thing of toxic chemicals and excess demands on Our Environment.

So. How can We, as a Good United People, improve and strengthen Family Farms and Farming Practices, over the terrible error of corporate farming injustices and results?

Just thought I would share this...ask this.

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Maybe the Family Farmers could build their "union" on the old "Coop" effort? Giving needed power to one and new life to the other?



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