I believe in the right to employment. And this should be a basic principle of the federal government. That means every American citizen should have the opportunity to employment before a non citizen.

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I too, believe in the "Right to Employment"...the "Right to Work".

I also believe that employment should be an expression of a "mutually satisfying" relationship between the employer and the employee.

The employer satisfied with the work performance and production of the employee.

And the satisfaction of the employee with his, or her, earnings and the environment of the work place.

The employer should have the right to dismiss the employee, for adequate "Good Reason".

And the employee should have the right to quit employment for adequate "Good Reason".

We The People should formulate and establish clear standards for the meaning and utilization of these rights. This is a daunting task, because of the complexity of the needs of the employer and the needs of the employee. But, in my opinion, Progress MUST be made in this.

As it now stands, with the Corporate Federal Government being in the service of the corporations and not We The American People, the American Worker is at a distinct disadvantage in this social relationship between Employer and Employee.

What We have now, is a definite diminishing of employment opportunities and Middle Class Prosperity in Our Nation. This must be corrected...IF...Our Nation is to fulfill its best destiny.



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