I have often wondered just what, in Our American Lives, would be the most important focuses for the building of the Citizens Party and it's platform. Also, even before going into the quest for the above stated understandings, I need to see a "clearer" definition, in this particular web site context, of just what We mean when We say "Citizen".

What finally triggered me to venture these queries, was part of Hunter Wayne Crow's comment (in the comment section of this group section) that I quote below:

"I want to make myself perfectly clear I do not inspire nor accept any offers to join any communist party's I just use it as a reference to my current statement however they seem to have interesting ideas in their platform that perhaps we could include in citizens party platform particularly in the workers world party usa and the socialist party usa and communist party usa platform that could be affective in education government reform and economy and environmental protection issues the socialist party usa is similar to the democrat party except they are anti capitalist but I was impressed with the socialist party usa platform that the citizens party usa should include some of their ideas In the citizens party usa platform I encourage all citizens party members to take a look at all political party platform before you vote this November..."

His clarifying statement (as to his intention and meaning of referring to the political structures of what We call "The Left Wing") made me wonder just how far from, what We might think of as the Center of American Political Thought, We might explore in order to build as "inclusive" and full spectrum a platformic philosophy as We can...in order to best serve what We would come to identify as Our Better America?

I personally believe that the best "Better America", We can help to Evolve, would come as a combined and Balanced Product, of the thinking of as many of Our Nation's Social and Political Philosophies, as possible. This would include the precepts and principles (or some of them) of Communism as well as Nazi Ideology and as much as possible from the areas in between.

Of course, no easy task and not in a day.

I am a "Dreamer". And I dare to envision an America in which an incredible diversity of Human Ideology can Peacefully Co-Exist and even cooperate for the sake of Benevolent American Destiny.

Perhaps the first step toward the fulfillment of this vision, would be to find the things in Common that We The American People hold dear in Our Lives. From that first step, the Arts Of Cooperation and Compromise can carefully proceed...in this worthy national quest.

My gratitude to Hunter Wayne Crow, for his stimulation of my bringing forth these thoughts.

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Among quite a few things, Hunter Wayne Crow shared: "...I am willing to reactivate the old Marshall plan..."

As good a specific place to start these deliberations as any.

I will go 'brush up' on the "Marshal Plan" and then come back and make some response.

Could it be that the "Marshall Plan", or a similar effort for service to Humanity, will find a place in the platform of the "Citizens Party"?

Wow, every village has to have one I guess.

Easy Hunter.

You have the right to offer ideas of your own.

Despite your errors regarding your military service misinformation (ROTC or military school?), you have made some positive contributions to the "Citizens Party" website.

I think you are learning and will become Better and Better in the ways you try to help Our Nation.

Your willingness to so profoundly apologize, shows me Good Heart and Mind.

You have been severely and adequately reprimanded for certain things you said. Just try to do Better, like you said "...I never meant to disrespect you..." I believe you. I believe in you.

I don't think there is anything wrong with "pulling in" other informational and ideological sources, (to a reasonable extent) but this should be accompanied with your own honest opinions.

Well considered and said, John Edward Kurian Jr.. Thank you.

Part of your recent message, above, said: "In the past congressional election less than 15% of the voter turnout were those under the age of 30..."

This worries me very much. Its as though the Young Americans are caring less and less about the direction Our Nation is taking. This trend can only end badly for most of Us.

"...we need young people to be involved in the political scene and our party encourages and supports this endeavor as there are opportunities within the organization to become campus chapter leaders."

Yes! Desperately! And some of these "Youngsters" could be "Citizen Party District Leaders" as well as your excellent idea (Was it?) of "Campus Chapter Leaders". One is a step toward the other. One is important to the other.

And you know what? I didn't even know there were opportunities in the "Citizens Party" for "Campus Chapter Leaders". I have so much to learn. Well...workin on it.

Thanks for the eye opening and uplifting post, John.



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