Tesla's free energy concept was patented in 1901 as an apparatus for the utilization of radiant energy. And tesla says the soure of this energy is the sun. The wires you see in the streets have us chained to the power companys. So please go online and see for your self. It could change the world. Thanks KJF.

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Tesla power now.

I certainly do promote this sharing! History is full of "great" things and potentially "great" things ending up in some kind of backwater state, falling through the cracks, or being squelched by profiteer interests. Tesla's work should be thoroughly researched and if found viable, utilized in the construction of the American Vision.

Also. it seems that Tesla's ideas and work have a great potential in the fields and needs of the "Survival Movement". There is a sincere concern of the effects of EMP bursts ruining Our Nation's electrical infrastructure. It seems to me that Tesla's "energy sink" would just gobble this surge up. Just a notion.

Tesla's idea and design of replaceable zinc electrodes in his batteries is a profound solution, at least improvement, to the problems of electrical battery's longevity and recyclability. (wish there was a "spell check" here)

Anyway. My gratitude to Keith John Ferguson for revealing this segment of interest in the Citizens Party. Tesla and his work will be on my mind,(such as it is), a lot now.




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