I got my own ideas to throw into the hat, so to speak, But I want to see the response of the community first.

So, CP, what say you?

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This thread seems dead, but I'd like to hear your ideas. As a student I have seen much negative change since the beginning of this year. The budget cuts are very extensive!! We didn't have money to buy any new textbooks, there is a shortage on calculators, the sewing department is filled with broken sewing machines that are unable to be fixed due to budget cuts, Teachers are only allowed a specific supply of paper for printing etc.

Get rid of the Department of Education for starters.

It's a catch 22.


The repulicans and democrats need to go!  Period!  The United States of America and its Citizens will be stymied.  This is well documented  as well as having 67 years of fighting for People to be Educated.

To validate, I hold a degree in pre-med, minor in chemistry and philosophy and another degree in engineering.  I come from a family of educators with masters and PhD degrees.  My eldest daughter is a PhD MD.

Further, the United States dropped from #1 in Science and Math since 1978.  Today, the U.S. sits 25th plus.  Worse, reading has now joined that global score.

The republicans and democrats have done NOTHING.  This is documented.


The Citizens of the United States have to become EDUCATED.   Stupidity is NOT sustainable yet the Citizens of the United States embrace STUPIDITY.

This became evident to a group of bio scientists-professors who wanted to reclassify homo sapien to their own kingdom based solely on INTELLIGENCE.  After they conducted independent research, they never expressed interest in the project ever again.  Man remains in the kingdom "animalia".

Who, in their right mind would CONTINUE to hand THEIR power over when they vote to a republican and democrat, decades over decades?

This behavior befits the definition of insanity.  Considering,  before schools can be reformed, the above two actions need to occur first.  Otherwise, the question is moot.

Kind regards,

Al Toman



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