Probably the only platform item in the Citizen's Party that I have concern about is support of social security.  While I support a government mandated retirement provision, I do not think the current pyramid scheme works.  The obvious first step in fixing the system is stopping the pyramid scheme now. 

My proposal would be to eliminate the pyramid scheme for those entering the workforce now (e.g., those 22 or younger), and replace it (for them only) with a mandatory retirement account.  The worker would be able to choose an individually directed investment account with no government guarantee, or a government guaranteed account earning interest at the U.S. bond rate.  The government would keep the accounts for the benefit of the worker, and would not be authorized to use it for any other person or purpose.  The account would be paid out after retirement in monthly installments up to 5, 10, or 15 years, but when the funds are gone, the benefit ceases.  The account would not be alienable, and the amount remaining after death of the worker would be given to his/her survivors.

After stopping the pyramid scheme for new workers, we can turn to figuring out how to pay the current benefits, which are entitlements.



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