I’ve read several comments with people discussing how we need more outreach and more recognition.  I think a motto, or a slogan, a catchphrase if you will, that summarizes our group’s ideals would best serve this purpose.  I offer the following:

 Be Informed Globally, Think Nationally, Act Locally, Vote Citizens

 Let me know what you all think. 

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And love your neighbor, as you would love your self.

I'm active on other forums as well and occasionally leave comments on news sites etc.  I'm going to start adding this phrase at the end of my comments.  Maybe it will cause people think and/or do a search for our site.  Hopefully send some more traffic our way.

You are correct Brian that our focus and effort needs to go towards increasing our membership. The other main need is increasing fundraising. And since our platform is less likely to attract many wealthy individuals and because of our own campaign finance restrictions and our desire to remove big money from politics, we need to greatly increase our membership numbers in order to greatly increase the number of small contributions that we will need to move to the next level. Once our small internet based contributions reach a certain level, then we do expect steady and very rapid membership growth by using targeted outreach. But, getting to that basic sustainable level first will be the most difficult hurdle. How many more members will we need to reach a sustainable level of monthly contributions to cover our basic costs and a targeted advertising/outreach? That is difficult to say, but perhaps somewhere between 3,000 and 8,000 new members might get us to that point. That ballpark number should not be understood as new registered votecitizens.org members/profiles. We do not disclose the total number of members for a number of reasons, but members can and do also include people that have submitted paper membership forms, online membership forms on our old NAIP website or who have subscribed to our newsletter/email list. When we include those three membership methods (not including facebook fans, twitter followers, etc.) we can safely say that most of our members have not yet created accounts/profiles on votecitizens.org. The transition to a new name was completely necessary, but it continues to be a challenge to get our membership transitioned over. It is likely that many of the paper membership sign-ups that joined the NAIP still do not know that the NAIP merged/transitioned into the Citizens Party. This will continue to be a challenge for some time until we have the funds to send mailings to those people.  Some weeks no new members sign-up on this website, other weeks 4 or 5 new people sign up. I think our best week was when 12 new people signed up on this website. But, when it comes to new newsletter/email list subscribers, we haven't had a week with less than 5 new subscribers in nearly two years. Most weeks see between 7 and 18 new subscribers. We once had nearly 70 new subscribers in a single week! 

This is often difficult and sometimes the progress seems very slow. It is easy to get frustrated. However, we continue to make steady progress (not fast enough for me) and considering the tiny amount of money we spend on outreach, we probably have been doing better than good. However, we all want and expect the progress to come much quicker because our country is in real trouble. Building this party is a long term project. Getting started much more resembles a half marathon as opposed to a sprint or a full marathon. It takes a sustained effort of hard work and as Brian pointed out tenacity. We won't build a sustainable party that can change the landscape in America overnight, nor can we afford to take 20 years to build the party to a point where it can compete and bring about fundamental change in America. We have to keep working, posting flyers, handing out flyers, spreading the word on social media and inviting others to the website.

Something to keep in mind as an example. I have talked to several experts that advised us that if we spent around $200. a month on advertising on facebook at the exact demographic that best fits the profile of most likely to join and get involved for a period of one (1) year, then we could fully expect between 70,000 and 150,000 new fb fans which could result in 10k to 30k new website members/profiles. I talked with someone just last week that basically did this, 50,000 fb fans and 12,000 website registrations in 4 months for another organization on a few hundred dollars per month budget for targeted advertising.



I like it but I feel it is somewhat broad.  It provides an insurmountable objective in the mind of many.  Perhaps we ask too much?

 I was thinking of mankind's tools  to make changesReason is where we as human beings, became enlightened.  Suffering brought wisdom. Action begins with intent in the mind.  Revolutions are built upon these bedrocks.  Revolutions are occuring globally, however if the people had not the knowledge to bring about a peaceful change; it would resemble nothing more than babble.

Voting is an act certainly.  However, the act is not involuntary but rather voluntary coupled with reason.  Many say the voter decides with his feet.  So if the decision of who shall receive the benefit of this act is the candidate, then great credit must be given to the voter.  Why is the voter not compelled? It is the wrong question.  Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die.  Tennyson

Therefore the two party system of Demoracts and Republicans "think" mistakenly they are doing their duty in two forms financing candidates or causes and voting.  They ride into politics like the charge of the light brigade.  No why just do.  The stage is all set you see; its not the Globe but rather the globe theater with candidates performing a play to the delight of the voter.  For the performance the candidate receives a vote, but upon the exist poll the voter can't really explain why the vote was cast, nor can they really explain exactly what they have just seen.  It's a forgettable movie, so even though the voter does his duty once distance a void develops in the conscious, and they simply think "did it matter"?

Alfred Tennyson's poetry of Ulysses  “to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield,” a quote from is poem.  In a comparison many are of the belief which I agree like Chris Matthews infomercial that the "americans have been excused" from duty or what I have been taught as "oughtnes".  Therefore, if there is no duty of citizens then there cannot exist a breach of contract with it's citizens, no need to investigate what caused the breach, and no consequence of damages. 

"Uphold your duty, seek the truth, act with reason", Citizens Vote

But I do like the narrative in the slogan suggested, however perhaps the narrative should be more well "narrow".  The two major party's hold elections, to either win or loose; this is their narrow narrative.  However, if we can pull upon the strings of the heart and the mind, it becomes owned and is authentic to the voter.  The voter is now able to return home from the ballot box whereby the void is not an abyss but more like a vidid dream that lingers and will therefore compel the person to "oughtness" resulting in local, meaningful, and communal goals of achievement.


Michael is right about Facebook it is replacing Television.  I have used Facebook in my business and was amazed by the click rate my budget of $300 was used up in a week.  I forget the number of clicks or impressions but it was in the thousands. 

Also, the party will take time.  I was informed by our Colorado Elections staff that the deadline to form a political party in this state is January 2012, and the signature requirement over 10,000.  I am left with the only option to run "unaffiliated" and meet the ballot signature petition of 800 signatures next summer to be on the ballot.  However, make no mistake eveything that is being built through your efforts is genuine and extremely important.  I will be committed to this party and it's organic growth.  Teddy Roosevelt would be proud of Citizens Party!

Hi Jaime,

Colorado does allow partisan labels for candidates using the "independent" ballot access process. Thus, you or any other candidate could use the Citizens Party label and be listed on the ballot under Citizens Party in 2012. We hope to have a few candidates in Colorado using the Citizens Party label in 2012, including a Presidential ticket if we decide to run a presidential ticket. The ballot access requirement for us to run a Citizens Party Presidential candidate in 2012 is a filing fee of $525. dollars and no signatures. 

The requirement is 10,000 signatures to form a party in 2012 if the group did not run a state-wide candidate using a partisan label in 2010. If we run a state-wide candidate in 2012 using the Citizens Party label, then the requirement to form a new party drops from 10,000 signatures to just 1,000 signatures by 2014 which we should be able to do with just a couple of petition circulators. Also, if we run a state-wide candidate in 2012 using the Citizens Party label, the state of Colorado will begin to tally the number of people registered in Colorado with the Citizens Party. 

We can essentially operate as a party in Colorado now. We can run candidates using the Citizens Party label on the ballot in 2012. We just can't have the number of our registrations counted yet.

I just wanted to let you know that you do have the option of using the Citizens Party label in 2012.  I have found that most state elections staff generally give third parties only between 50% and 75% of the information they need or ask for. Digging into all the various state ballot access /election laws is one of the most time consuming tasks for us. The time involved takes away from many other critical tasks, but it must be done because most of the information is not given to us. Thankfully, we do have the top ballot access law expert in the United States, Richard Winger, available to assist us. 


Michael, that is good information.  I was getting a different interpretation, partly my misunderstaning. of differentiating "label" versus party.  We also will have a highly contested State seat open in District 59 in Colorado.  I have a meeting with Jack Turner next week to introduce him to Citizen's Party.  He grew up in Durango and has been in public policy organizations around the country.  He lives with his family here in Durango and has expressed a desire to run.  If he agrees I can assist him forming his candidate committee and that we could use the Citizens's Party label.  I prefer to go to Washington.  In this Congressional District Scott Tipton (R) tea party candidate is the incumbent and Sal Pace (D) is his challenger.  Sal was the minority whip in the General Assembly and has been exlusively working for the DNC or holding office.  I walked away from the Democratic party because they did not want me to "split the ticket".  Again as we see the only narrow goal of winning elections.

The Secretary of State's office does require independents to gather petition next summer, registered District voters and notarized  I am in the process of developing a new candidate website now that I have switched to running for U.S. House versus State.

Petitoning the ballot:

400 for State Representative

800 for Congressional Representative

Maybe we can contact you next week by phone or email.  We will certainly need your advice and consultation. 

I have a strong belief that the country is ready for this and the it's the State and Congressional seats that are most important to effectuate change. 

 I also agree with the majoirty of our platform and look to learn and contribute to see it evolve where the American public believes in it's legitimacy and that both the Democratic and Republican party wil not hold voters hostage where the democratic process of electing officials is under seige, the weapon of choic being money.  It has to stop and we cannot yield even if defeated we will learn and keep coming back.  Arthur Slesinger once said "politics is a learning process" I think he was quite right.

Thanks Jaime McMillan 

For the people, and by the people, and not by a certain class of people. That' why we are the Citizens Party.


Advertisement would certainly result in more followers. What we need more than followers, is doers. Men and women who are active both online and in their local communities. Right now we are an idea, a powerful idea to be sure, but merely an idea nonetheless. For this organization to really take off we need to demonstrate successful proof of our ideas in action. I think that would be much easier on a local level, rather than a national stage. By solving problems and demonstrating reasonable governance within our local areas, we'll achieve a level of 'buy-in' from voters that's critical for sucess on regional, state, and national stages.

I am new and this is my first post, so please forgive me if I seem to be jumping right in.

I like the slogan. Though as a marketing professional, I think it's a bit too wordy and expansive. Succinct is usually better as far as slogans go. Also, to be truthful, the thing that bothers me a little is the "think nationally" line. It could be interpreted to promote nationalism, which is such a divisive thing after the way "patriotism" was branded during the Bush presidency.

Something that embodies the fact that the party respects each and every citizen's rights and responsibilities, while also enforcing the idea that to do so is ultimately beneficial to the country might work. Maybe something like:

Citizens Party: Respecting every one to benefit everyone.




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