Single payer all the way.  I was in the military.  It is basically single payer.  I thought the care was excellent.  Both my children were born within that system.  I am not under the impression that the average healthcare provider is working in the healthcare field because they want to be rich.  With all the commitment and schooling that is required, not the mention the liability, I believe these people do what they do because they care about people.  So, if money is not the driving factor why is our entire healthcare (non)system revolving around money?  There is a robust merchant class within the system that creates layers and layers of nonessential practices which waste money.  There are commonly held institutions that should be owned collectively by the populous such as electricity, roads, bridges and healthcare.  I'm not advocating socialism because I don't want the government to run it all.  But surely we could have a private system that requires all healthcare functions to be nonprofit.  If there are a lot of people in a plan then the plan is cheaper.  If all Americans were in a plan then it would be cheaper.  It's funny that we talk bad about this type of care when all of our elected officials have this type of care.  There's a fox in the hen house! 


Can anyone bring personal insight into this issue or talk about their experience as a healthcare professional? 


P.S. I am uninsured. 

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