Do you support Same-Day Voter Registration (also known as Election Day Voter Registration)???

Should the Citizens Party support Same-Day Voter Registration? Would Same-Day Voter Registration help the Citizens Party? 

Same-Day voter registration results in an increase in Citizen engagement in the political process as states with Same-Day Voter Registration have seen increases in voter turnout at the polls and tend to a higher percentage of registered voters. 

Do you think that Same-Day Voter Registration opens the door to more voter fraud? If fraud occurs via Same-Day Voter Registration, can it be caught in time? Do we really want more people voting who wait to register at the very last possible moment? Do Citizens have the responsibility to pay attention to the various candidates &  races and get registered to vote sooner in the process? 

Or do we want more Americans registered to vote and participating in the election process no matter how late in the process they wait to get involved? 

Is Same-Day Voter Registration a step forward in election reform or a step back in reform and security?

Please share your thoughts.


Wikipedia article on Same-Day Voter Registration




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