A letter to Dave Walker,


To: David Walker
I believe you would make a great president at a time we need your leadership and skill the most.  I have an idea to get you the votes needed to make you our next president and a chance for you to fix our political and financial problems – on a long term basis.
I believe the one thing that has to change is the process of selecting our politicians.  Right now the special interest groups and corporations give the candidates money with the unspoken intent on getting entitlements and benefits in the future.  The candidate calls this “Fund Raising”.  Anything left over goes into their pockets.  The corporations  don’t really take it out of their own pockets, they build it into the price of the products they sell us, and from what I understand they play both sides, guaranteeing themselves political access.  Usually the candidate that collects the most money wins.  We vote for the one we believe is in our interest and feel patriotic doing so.  Afterwards the corporations continue getting the benefits and the people end up with nothing.
WHAT IF - - We took the campaign money out of our taxes – each candidate gets an equal amount – can’t buy an election – a rich man could win or a poor man could win.  This would cut the strings corporate America has on our politicians – like GE with 15 billion and zero taxes  - - $450.00 hammers – $650.00 toilet seats - - 3 years to pass the CALM act ( corporations do the advertising, passed only because television manufactures installed volume control features and with nothing else to gain the politicians took credit on passing the law) – Wall Streets obvious corruption and no meaningful governmental controls on them – politicians outperforming the market all the time, etc. , etc..  Anyone running for office would have to give up their assets , either for good ( and we will give them a very secure life and future – house, transportation, food, clothing, college for their kids, and everything within reason of that lifestyle)  JUST NO MONEY - - or their assets go into an above average interest bearing account and we will audit it every year for the rest of their life to assure no corruption has occurred while in office.  In other words have  CAREER “PUBLIC SERVANTS” THAT CAN’T BE CORRUPTED BY MONEY, WITH NO OTHER PURPOSE OTHER THAN SERVING THE PEOPLE, MAKING THE BEST DECISIONS FOR OUR COUNTRY AND THE WORLD.
Weather they are lifelong public servants or term servants can be debated on and if career public servants are decided upon they could serve as representatives, senators, judges, ambassadors, or even president.  A possible option is that they come up as serving in one of these other offices before being able to run for president.
If you ran for president on the platform of getting this change made to our government , plus putting our fiscal house in order, I believe you would win by a landslide.  The time is ripe.  Even the Wall Street demonstrators message is the same thing – and growing.  If you could find the right candidates to run for congress under this same platform and get a landslide election 1/3rd of the house and senate would be backing the “public servant” bill and 2 years later in the next elections another 1/3rd would be in for a majority vote, breaking the congressional gridlock that is killing America.
I’m not sure if running as an independent or starting a new, say, RED/WHITE/BLUE party would be best but I think we need to get rid of the other two party's or at least make them conform to the peoples needs.  Right now I’m not sure if they are working for us or if we are working for them.
I have a handful of other ideas that may be of interest to you in changing the direction America is in.  Please feel free to call me as I am anxious to run these by you for consideration and feasibility.
Thank you for your time,
Roger Phillips
412 Center Street North
Rothsay, Mn. 56579
P.S.  If you are not interested in running for president, and I wouldn’t blame you if your not, please let me know one way or the other so I can find another candidate that may have an interest in making this change for the United States Of America
Fixing this country's problem is not that difficult.  Find a very electable candidate to run as an independent with the platform of having UNPAID public servants.  No more access by corporations to get only their bidding done.  The winning candidate must give up all their assets if a career term is decided on, or if term ( maybe 10 years ) is decided on all their assets must be placed in an above average interest bearing account and an annual auditing of their finances for the rest of their life will be done to assure no corruption has taken place.  With everybody so discouraged by our present politicians inability to get problems solved, others occupying Wall Street, etc. an independent running under this platform  should win by a landslide and send a message to the house and the senate.  We should also have candidates running for the house and senate to get the possible 1/3rd of the seats and break the gridlock of  the Republicans and Democrats.  With public servants in office that have no agenda of financial gain and with only the intent of making the best decision for the people of the United States, and the world, just think about the way things would change. 
I looked at the American Elect site  but all their selections are Democrats or Republicans  I would have chosen Dave Walker but he e-mailed me that he has no intention on running for president.  Ross Perot would also have been a good choice but his time has come and gone. Who then is there that can make this critical change right here and now?
Once in office there needs to have some major changes made - -
1 – flat tax – no capital gains tax (that is a double tax). The tax code we have today is way to complicated (if you can’t understand it it is because someone doesn’t want you to understand it) – only the corporations and very rich can use these loopholes (GE with 15 billion in income and no tax's to pay).
2 – vote on one item at a time in the house or the senate and each vote is documented so we know how they are voting and exactly what it is they are voting for.  Right now they ball everything up in one bill and no representative or senator will vote for it unless they get their “pork” in it – usually to pay back a corporation for campaign funds.  Remember – the money they give the politicians really does not come out of their pockets – they just build it into the products they sell us.  Example – the Calm bill – people complained about the volume on their TV blasting them out during commercials for 5 years before it went to the congress – then took 3 years to pass it. Reason – it is the cooperation's that do the advertising – they did not want it passed – our politicians didn’t pass it until recently – Reason – the TV manufacturers built  in volume controls into the TVs – with nothing else to gain they passed the bill and told us of their struggle to get our wish's done and “ THAT THEY ARE WORKING FOR US”.
3 – Repeal the white collar crime law.  This was something the politicians and CEO’s made up to insure their survival in case they were caught in corruption. Have you noticed the increase in white color crime since then??
4 – Make the Federal Reserve bank a FEDERAL bank – not a private bank
5 – Clean up Wall Street and the SEC – These are obviously corrupt.  Have you noticed how our politicians can outperform the market year after year.
6 – Eliminate the 2 big trade deficits – the middle east and China.  Natural gas and other alternative energy can take care of the middle east (they won’t have our dollars to wage a war against us) and if we invited Mexico to join the US we could eliminate the China trade deficit.  It would eliminate our border problem – bring us all the way down to Guatemala – maybe the rest of the counties there would join to bring us to the Panama Canal – that would be very easy to defend as that is the way terrorist would come into the USA. We control the air and the sea – Canada to the north – Mexico would be the terrorist choice. Our long term enemy is the Muslim terrorist – Mexico is Christian and our neighbor.  If they would join the USA they would have to pay tax's which would increase our tax base – also they would have to pay social security -   4 points a year , 40 points to collect social security – that would have them paying into social security for 10 years before they could collect which would save the program.  We then could start making most of the products right here and in Mexico (maybe 29 additional states) and skip the shipping of everything half way around the world and kick start this economy. Remember, China is communist, they are stealing our intellectual property, hacking even our government sites, cheating on their currency, and lying about their company's stocks.  They are not our friends – yet. Cutting them off for awhile may force them to change.
7 – Go back and change all the laws and loopholes that have been made to defraud the people out of our futures. No more $450.00 hammers, $650.00 toilet seats, etc., etc..
8 – Get rid of subsidies. Most are not for the good of the American people and it distorts the balance of value.
9 – On a local level – items like the people building stadiums for sports teams – that’s wrong.  They spend millions of dollars for each player and have maybe 50 to 60 players – they are a private company -  balance the budget like the rest of us have to do – pay only what you can afford from the proceeds that come in.  If threatened with moving to another city, I believe the city's should maybe form a agreement that the teams have to support themselves and will not accept another city's team.  Make teachers the kids idols not sports players of rock and roll stars.
10 – Never use social security money for any other purpose – it is not the governments money – they made social security to insulate themselves from having to take care of people who didn’t save enough for retirement.
11 – Change the patent laws  - corporations have made it just about impossible for individuals to afford getting patents on their ideas – and most of the companies out there to help with patents are a scam.
12 – Look at the 28th amendment and pass a version of it so this will never happen again.
Roger Phillips
Rothsay, MN

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Hi, Roger,

I don't know if you noticed, but one of our members created a draft David Walker group. You may want to check it out at:


It is very difficult to get draft efforts going, but candidates can be persuaded to run even when they initially show no interest. But, it does take a lot of people getting on board and candidates with name recognition want parties like ours to be able to display that we are moving onward and upward, have a platform that could catch on and show the potential to raise the basic funds to run a successful campaign and make substantial gains in ballot access. I have talked to several of the draft candidates (the ones that appear to most closely fit our platform and agree with our desire to get big money and special interests out of politics) that our members have suggested. The feedback from them has overall been very positive except for one or two items related to the ability to raise enough small contributions to cover basic expenses and run competitive campaigns. They realize that we won't raise as much as the two party candidates and we don't need to raise as much. But, we will need to show better results in order to hold a convention and attempt a wide ballot access strategy.




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