Reminder: Proper Way to add tags to blog and discussion posts

Just a friendly reminder on the proper way to add tags to your blog posts and forum discussion posts.

Enter tags with more than one word like "Citizens Party, "U.S. Manufacturing", "Energy Policy"

Do not enter tags like Citizens Party, U.S. Manufacturing, Energy Policy or the result will be Energy, U.S., Party, Policy, Citizens, Manufacturing. 

Don't forget to use "around two or more word tags". 

Using relevant and proper tags helps members find your posts in searches much more easily and proper tags greatly increase the SEO properties especially for google searches.

We are working on an upgrade to the tags which will allow the member to pick tags out of a list offered in a drop down box when writing your draft. That should save members time and help eliminate the broken tags which take up a tremendous amount of time for site administrators to edit. The upgrade to tags is still likely several weeks away.





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