I think most Amercians agree that the biggest issue with our politician (Dems and Reps) today is their lavish wages and benefits that put any executive's wages to shame!  Through federal wages and benefits (FERS), these politicians have made it a priority to place their own intrest above moving this country foward. We must remember that these politicians are elected officials and not government employees, so why do they get much better benefits than a military vet that risked life and limb for our country.  In addition, in this day in age when our country's defecit is at it's highest and the average working citizen pays more towards their benefits, while these politician's benefits keep getting bigger and more lavish!  Citizen's Party must look into this and make it part of it's platform to stop self serving politicians from abusing tax payers' money!!!

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The 27th Amendment was supposed to solve this problem, and it hasn't. The only real solution is to get a huge political faction, something like the Tea Party, to oppose the high salaries of elected officials. I don't think a third political party could successfully campaign on this issue; the data doesn't show it, but a multi-partisan movement in Congress could force it to include pay cuts in its legislation. If one could field candidates to run against incumbents in the primaries on the issue of elected officials' salaries, it could force a change in legislation. 



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