Our new small Google +1 buttons on content (blogs, vidoes, profiles, discussion posts, etc.) are located near the other share buttons. The new buttons are not showing for some people using Internet Explorer. They seem to be showing up just fine on Safari.


What about Chrome and Firefox?  Please comment if you use Chrome or Firefox and let me know if you see a google +1 button list below this post with the other share buttons. I am NOT talking about the google +1 button located at the very bottom of the website below the footer.


I will look into fixing this problem with IE, but it will be helpful to know if the google +1 buttons can be seen on Chrome and foxfire.


The button we are looking for should be directly below this post, but above the comments (Just above the twitter button and facebook "Like" button).   

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The new google + buttons appear fine on google chrome. So far it is only some versions of Internet Explorer that has the problem. We will continue to work on the problem.




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