Can anyone explain why it is so hard for a independent candidate to have their name added to the ballot in November?

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William, I am going to assume that you are asking about the Presidential ballot in November and not other races. If you are asking about other offices, let me know. The Presidential election should not be viewed as one election. It is instead 51 different elections (50 states+D.C.). Each state + D.C. has its own set of rules/requirements for an independent or third party presidential candidate to get on the November general election ballot. It is a patchwork of different deadlines, signature requirements, fees, paperwork, etc. 

Since Democratic and Republican lawmakers have set or created these requirements, they made the hurdles for indy/3rd party presidential candidates quite significant in many states. Democratic and Republican presidential candidates have an easy path to get on primary ballots and an almost automatic path for a general election ballot if nominated. For an independent or third party candidate, such an effort requires a great amount of planning, volunteers and money. A billionaire like Mike Bloomberg or Donald Trump could likely get on 48+ ballots without much trouble even if starting the ballot access process as late as March 15, 2016. That is part of the reason why the Republican establishment is hesitant to attack Trump in a serious way before that deadline, for fear that he might jump ship and run as an independent or third party candidate. 

For other independent or third party presidential candidates, achieving ballot access is much more difficult. An indy/3rd party presidential candidate without name recognition, money or many volunteers could likely get on 3 to 6 general election state ballots depending upon when they started. In order to get on all of the ballots, it would likely require between $1 and $11 million depending upon the number of volunteers, media coverage and name recognition and specific ballot access path taken (indy or 3rd party). Many third parties run presidential candidates even knowing that they will only achieve ballot access on 2-12 state ballots. This poor showing makes it even harder to attract new supporters, volunteers and contributors. The Citizens Party has chosen to work on building the infrastructure and develop candidates for the future in order to launch a serious ballot access effort. I can explain more of this later. 

We don't have the current ballot access requirements listed on this website. We have the ballot access requirements from 2014 listed, which should give you an idea of the various requirements in each state. Many of the requirements have stayed roughly the same, while others have changes quite a bit. We will update those requirements on this site in the coming week or weeks. The current 2016 ballot access requirements are posted on our new website, however, that site is not yet published. Most of our new updates have been concentrated on the new site. Once it is published, we will notify everyone. 

Thanks,seems to me that both parties have been trying very hard to keep a third party candidate off the ballot in November for President.

The ballot access signature requirements for president have been updated. We still need to update some of the dates, but most of them are generally accurate within a few days. 

The democrats and republicans have smartly and systematically crafted a "safe house" for themselves on the HiLL and the Citizens of the United States have encouraged and embraced their actions.

The Father of the Country, the Forefathers and the Colonists have shown us what we need to do but it is not going to happen. 

The democrats and republicans simply need to go, as did the Red Coats.  However, before that can happen the Citizenship needs to be educated.  It is not.

President General George Washington said that the MOST DIFFICULT aspect of the war was getting "folk" to understand that there is a problem.

They overcame that and CREATED the United States of America.

The same holds true 242 years later, the "folk" refuse to drop their plows and pick up their muskets, not realizing that there is a serious problem that is diminishing the United States.



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