Our workers laid off in the beginning of this recession who have not found jobs are called 99ers .  They are discriminated against in the job market that offers 3 million jobs for over 26 million un and under employed American workers . Their UI has run out , they have pretty much lost everything they have worked their whole lives for . They range in professions from lawyers and graphic designers to restaraunt managers . From all walks of life . Hard working people that have many years experience and a good work history . WHAT IS TO BECOME OF THEM ?!?! These millions of Americans and their families ? They have been diligently sending out resumes for THREE YEARS . attending job fairs , networking , etc . HR589 STILL SITS in the Ways and Means committee . The only bill offering aid to our workers . A small measure of aid , not the big bail outs our businesses and banks recieved to bonus each other with , just something to help them SURVIVE . WHY AREN'T MORE AMERICANS UPSET ABOUT THIS ?!?  

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The Trillion Dollar coins (I like to call it the Mealer Coin, because the actual minting of the coin would probably cost me my life, especially if I was ever given the opportunity to toss a few at our enemy debt holders or the Fed), could technically be minted out of 'melted down pot metal' or better yet, a silver alloy with a stripe of copper running through it or as the face and eagle emblem side of the coin. The main points being that Congress through the National Emergency declaration made by the POTUS makes it a one time use coin.

Just the idea of the coins being in existence will rally Wall Street and add that to the http://mealer2012.com/mealer-economic-initiative/ and we have a HUGE rally of investors bringing their cash back into the USA for investments (keeping in mind that their offshore and Swiss accounts can technically be seized due to the "POTUS Declared Threat of National Security"... It an ALL WIN situation and the Fed Res is the only group that would lose their usury, but they've ruined America enough already and it's time to turn the tables.

IF the EPA were an honest organization and not full of crooked people working against the small business owners while promoting ONLY the large conglomerates they would be worth keeping. The EPA employees and M.O. would be revamped and made into an honest group, as I agree, toxic dumps are a bad thing! Although only the big conglomerates get away with it, while we can barely get away with tossing a used cell phone or battery in the garbage.


My Economic Initiative (which has been updated from the older plan covers the education and paid training issues very well. Please check into it. My TRIO of plans must be put into play simultaneously or we wind up with pitfalls and such... Check out the DRUG solution while you're at it!


JL Mealer



The only problem I see with your solution of minting high denomination coins is that it is wholly unnecessary. Our economy is entirely fictional, as demonstrated by the Fed creating trillions of dollars out of nothing. They did this not by printing money, but simply by altering balance sheets on a computer. If the federal reserve act is repealed as unconstitutional, control of the national money supply can revert to the federal government, where it belongs. There is already plenty of hard currency in circulation, and no real reason to add to it. "Melted down pot metal" may be cheap, but there is the cost of actually designing and making the mint for them, which is wasted money on such a limited run. Electrons are free. Additionally, once control of the money supply has reverted to the federal government, taxation becomes frivolous, and necessary only to combat inflation and control the total amount of wealth in the system. Spending was limited with a gold and silver backed economy, because there was a fixed amount of both metals available. This is no longer an issue, and with the understanding that we live in a fictional economy, spending becomes simply a way of indicating priorities.

Just read the ENTIRE plan and you will change you mind.

It's about bring wealth back into circulation (creating American jobs, business expansion, etc...) and drop kicking the Fed Res. who own Congress. There is no new cost for minting coins that are already being minted, simply the value placed on such coins with banked precious metals where the coins intrinsic value is represented on a certificate.

If you had read the plans (rather than my brief notes), you would know that the coins are simply a leverage that is Constitutionally sound to control bribery, corruption, etc... In fact, it is THE ONLY VIABLE plan.. because the Fed can be shut down (by law and at the US' option IF Congress and POTUS were not owned by the Fed Res). We need to get rid of the USURY of the FRN.

The melted down pot metal would simply be a snub for the bad guys. ONE TIME USE coins to clear up all debts goes a long way. No rules say these coins need to be fancy.. Technically a slug or washer would suffice provided Congress gave them value (and they would once under a National Security Threat... Or go to Guantanamo for their past bribes and corruption and treason against the USA)



Would these coins have the real value, struck on them, declared, endorsed and backed by We The American People ?

I AM upset about the "real deal" part of this situation.

I am one of them "99'rs", but, because of my age (56 I think) I was lucky enough to qualify for early Social Security benefits. Thanks to the blessings of Our Social Security program I escaped the "grind" of trying to find work in an increasingly monopoly corporate dominated world. Up to that moment, I usually had no problem landing some kind of employment. My warehousing skills (bills of lading, order filling, shipping, and forklift operation) were in some demand, somewhere. I had quit my last job with a computer company (because of increasing friction with the "boss"...who seemed to be trying to get people to quit for "downsizing" purposes...the market was softening...sales were dropping) and then discovered that the only positions available were with lower paying "Temporary Services". The companies were not hiring directly in order to not have to deal with withholding, pension and medical programs and wanted it to be easier to lay off work force and bring them on again to handle surges in sales. Then, suddenly, I realized that no one was hiring Workers of my age group. (56)

So...I opted for a modest income from Social Security instead of no income as a job seeker. I used my new free time to work on projects dear to me, that I would like to finish before I die.

Anyway. Lisa Hagen has opened up this important Citizens Party (and Our Nation) issue in the above well written discussion article. She has focused on the part of the unemployed that had jobs and are still willing to work. These, my heart goes out to. They should be helped in ways strong enough to prevent them from losing the Homes they started to buy and the savings they had managed to accumulate for Better Futures.

They need to be "held" until We, as True Citizens of America, can find the ways and means to again provide Good Employment for them.

I would support any bill that moves toward this supportive position. (unless it is adulterated with earmarks and pork) We need to insist on clean single issue bills and proposals.

I really don't think the business world (the corporate world) is interested in Good employment of the American Worker. They show every sign of caring less. So, I see it as up to government and an alternate People built economic sector to provide new opportunities for prosperity. Its time to step away from the corporate world and all its injustices.

But, I have to concede that there just might be a few corporations that are not of the monopoly kind and are Truly Good to their Workers. Couldn't name any though. These, if they exist, can be part of Our New America.

I really believe the government should Truly be of The People, for The People and BY The People.

I believe co-ops and worker owned businesses are key strong points to the building of Our New Economy.

Thank you Lisa Hagen, for opening this discussion sting, where I could share some of my feelings and thoughts, in response to your concerns.



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