I support the idea that the US must do a better job in controlling and securing our borders; however, it must be done in a fair and human manner!  We must remember that this nation is built on immigration and treating illegal immigrants like second hand humans is placing the same label on our ancestors, who migrated to this great country, decades ago. 

In addition, any reform to immigration laws must include illegal immigrants from all countries, rather than focus on Mexican illegal immigrants.  It is true that the US sees a majority of Mexican illegals coming to the US, but we also have a large population of Canadians that come to our country illegally, yet other political parties, epecially Republicans, fail to recognize those facts.

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If we secured the border and withdrew from NAFTA simultaneously, the people of Mexico would be much better off in general and wouldn't feel compelled to cross the border, often out of desperation. When one goes to the Southwest and actually looks at the border they're crossing to get here, it's easy to see that some of the illegal immigrants are truly willing to die to attempt to get here for work. NAFTA has bankrupted Mexican farmers, forcing them to come here.

In general, it's best for our country to encourage legal immigration of those who wish to assimilate and learn English, but do much more to discourage illegal border crossing. A country cannot exist without a border. 



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