I support the idea that the US must do a better job in controlling and securing our borders; however, it must be done in a fair and human manner!  We must remember that this nation is built on immigration and treating illegal immigrants like second hand humans is placing the same label on our ancestors, who migrated to this great country, decades ago. 

In addition, any reform to immigration laws must include illegal immigrants from all countries, rather than focus on Mexican illegal immigrants.  It is true that the US sees a majority of Mexican illegals coming to the US, but we also have a large population of Canadians that come to our country illegally, yet other political parties, epecially Republicans, fail to recognize those facts.

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I would be happy to explain our stance on that issue in further detail when I log back in. Currently, we only have the simplified version of our platform on this website. We have a long and detailed platform version that has not yet been added due to space. We will be adding more detailed entries for the Critical issues and some of the important issues that we face.


Our stance on illegal immigration differs from the views taken by both major parties. I will explain further within 24 hours.


I will try to sum up our stance as simply as I can now. I will post our entrie platform entry on this issue when our editing is completed.


The Citizens Party considers the current flow of illegal foreign nationals into our country as unsustainable, both environmentally and economically.  While, we do not blame illegal immigrants or illegal foreign nationals for seeking to come here, we also can not allow the situation to continue. Many of them come here to create a better life. I think that most people can understand that. Both major parties have interests in continuing this problem. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church, Greedy employers, ethnocentric interest groups (such as La Raza), immigration lawyers and both the establishment within the Democratic and Republican parties all wish to either continue our current broken immigration system or they seek some form of Amnesty which they think will bring them many of the same kind of benefits/power.


The Citizens Party is not looking to go around rounding up illegal immigrants. We don't have the money, resources or the time. Also, concentrating most of our resources on the border is also not the best way to tackle the problem. As long as the incentives exist here, illegals will continue to come here. Hawai'i is seperated by 2,000 miles of ocean and they have an illegal immigration problem. A fence alone will do very little to stop illegal immigration. We do need security on the border. In addition to illegal immigration our borders (especially our southern border) has a flow of human sex slaves, wildlife smuggling (mostly exotics from South America) and illegal drugs. So we need to secure our border as well as we can. We just need to realize that we can never stop illegal immigration or those other problems mentioned simply by sealing the border.


We must cut off all of the incentives that bring illegal foreign nationals here. Our failing schools, our water supply, our crumbling energy grid, our crowded highways and our bankrupted local and state governments can not handle the load. Many endangered species (mostly plant species) reside along our southern border. These species are getting trampled by feet and smothered in trash. We also currently have too many Americans out of work. Due to the rapid changes of globalization, this is likely not just a current situation. Higher unemployment is likely the new normal. Our political leaders (both parties) and corporations continue to force American workers compete with cheap foreign labor. They outsource our jobs, import cheap foreign goods that criple American manufacturing and import cheap foreign labor in the form of illegal labor or guest workers. It doesn't matter where they come from or what color they are. Locally we have a problem with illegal workers from Ireland. Many of the painting companies here use illegal Irish labor. Companies that follow the law and hire American citizens can't compete with the cheap wages. Companies should not be punished for simply following the law and caring about American workers. When we ignore illegal immigration in whatever sector, we are punishing honest companies. It is my opinion that when someone hires illegal labor that they are committing a crime against American workers. We need a consistant line (something we currently do not have) and a firm line.


Employers hiring illegal workers must be fined heavily. Companies that continue to violate the law should be stripped of their business license in addition to fines. We must eliminate companies ability to exploit illegal labor. After eliminating their opportunities for jobs then we must the other incentives such as education, in-state tuition, drivers licenses and non-emergency healthcare.


If we cut off all incentives, the flow of illegal foreign nationals will begin to lessen dramatically. Illegals currently working and/or living here will also begin to leave. Not all of them will leave and some will still find some opportunities, but we can get a handle on the problem.


Our focus is on protecting the American worker and particuarly the American middle class. We seek long term sustainable solutions and a return to more national self reliance. We are not achieving national self reliance by importing either cheap foreign goods or cheap labor. Allowing the continued flow of illegal foreign nationals or granting Amnesty is not in the best interest of the American worker or our nation. Illegal immigration hurts our long term sustainability and competitiveness.


It is not that we do not care about the economic situation of illegals. It is rather that we wish to focus on American workers and our nation. It is not our responsibility to see to it that illegal immigrants have opportunities, jobs, education or healthcare. It is much like the current bombing of Libya. The Citizens Party cares about the people of Libya. We do not wish for them to be slaughtered by their crazy leader. However, it is not our place to get involved in their civil war. It is not in our national interest. We are not war mongers seeking conflict and we are not bleeding hearts looking for poor people around the world to save or take care of.


It is time to take care of our own.





Thank you for elaborating on the party's stance on this issue.  for too long now I have struggled with agreeing with both major political parties on this issue...I'm pleased to hear that I have found a party(Citizens Party) that does not have extreme views on these types of issues!  As for the illegal immigration issue, I agree that we must secure our borders but not because the immigrants are criminal monsters, but rather because we are not able to sustain the population grouth and influx of immigrants.  Once again, thank you!

complet amnesty should not be granted to illegal aliens

h1b workers should be banned and outsourcing should be stopped.

my fiancee tried for over 4 years to come to america.

while 12000,000 illegals have no paper work no passport no visa.

just walk over the boarder.tell obama do not give illegals amnesty

throw them out take them back to mexico.


Sounds like you feel very strong about this immigration issue and I sorta' agree.  I agree that we must secure our borders but it's kind of careless to say that we must "throw them all back to Mexico!" We can not treat illegals like animals...they are humans like you and I. 
james francis meazell said:

h1b workers should be banned and outsourcing should be stopped.

my fiancee tried for over 4 years to come to america.

while 12000,000 illegals have no paper work no passport no visa.

just walk over the boarder.tell obama do not give illegals amnesty

throw them out take them back to mexico.

I'm not too informed about this amnesty thing, but I do know that it is ment to provide a way for illegals to stay, who work, pay taxes, have no criminal history and are other wise "good." We must understand that these people are working jobs that you and I dont want, like; picking fruit, restaurates, hotels, ect.  we need to keep the good ones and throw the lazy and criminals back..and this may be a good way to do so!!!

While I agree with most of what you have said.  I think that we need to stop categorizing any job as ones that an American doesn't want.  I live in an area where many hardwoking people of various descent would take any job that they can get.  I also feel that categorizing illiegals as from one country is, as you said, unfair.  However, it is unfair to compare anyone who comes here illegally to those who have worked hard, begged and been patient until they were allowed to come.  My own ancestors came in 1773.  They had to wait ten years before the English government would grant them a passport for their family of 7 from Ireland.  This at a passage cost of about $2000 dollars each, when the average wage would be about $900 per year.  This is ofcourse comparable numbers, not actual.  Please don't compare them to someone who sneaks in rather than having enough compsion to unstand that those who were on the list before them also has a need to seek a better life.

Carrie, I highly repect your opinions!!! The reason why I say unwanted jobs is becuase ordinary Amercians dont care to occupy them.  Perfect example is, recentlly, the UFW (fyi, i'm not a big fan of unions) recentlly opened a citizen's work program were it asked citizens to apply for an agricultural job, that otherwise an illegal would have taken, with a guarantee job over the illegals...nation wide, only one citizen accually applied for the job and completed the program.  Given the 10 percent unemployment, those are unwanted jobs!  Another thing to think about, Canadians are second in line that make up illegals in the US, but yet anti-illegal groups choose to attack Mexican immigrants rather than all illegals and that, in my book, is not fair!

Mario, I certainly agree that is is unfair to target Mexicans. I'm not sure that the union offer is the best example to use(I hold no affection for them either). Most people in this area would not go near a union offer. Not because of the job, but because of the union. Since the loss of most factory jobs in my area restaurants are a prime source of income for many people of all demographics. People here don't look down on a paying job.


I just read on CNN that Steven Seagal has going to control our borders. The 80's movie that we have all been waiting for ;) Can wait to see what is going to come of this.  Maybe if the goverment is not going to do anything about it, an out of work actor can fix whats broke.



Unfortunately, this illegal immigration issue is too big and complex for one person to solve.  Well, if anything, it may provide some good entertainment…which Mr. Segal is great at delivering!



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