The second amendment was written and meant for a different time.  However, I do believe in the right to pull a trigger to protect my family, my home and myself.  But I do not believe in the right to pull the trigger for the sake of pulling the trigger.  I do understand and appreciate shooting for sport and think that any outside activity is good.  And I think that hunting is better than shopping at the grocery store.  I do not hunt, but many of my friends do and I am the first to beg for venison backstrap.  What I believe would be beneficial to our country is much stricter laws and punishments regarding guns.  I propose that we strengthen the channels to get a gun (open for suggestions) and make it necessary to attend a safety class in order to use it.  That is the only parameter after purchase.  The entire cost of the course would benefit police officers in some way, be it extra cops, better wages, etc.  First time offenders of having a gun without being certified to use it would be subject to a hefty fine.  Second time offenders and persons with a criminal history would be subject to 30 days in jail and a fine.  And violent offenders would be subject to one year in jail, minimum just for possessing a gun without the proper training and documentation.  The goal would be to allow citizens who are serious about this basic right and hobbyists who are serious about their sport enjoy it just as much as before while making it more difficult for criminals to get access to guns.  The penalty of possessing a gun would be fine, 30 days or one year in jail for first time offenders, depending on criminal history.  Gun involved crime would be dealt with much more severely (10 years, 20 years, life, etc. depending on severity of crime).  All proceeds from these certification classes (handgun, rifle, shotgun) will benefit police officers and their families only. 

Something must be done about violent crime.  I know people will always have access to guns and a small portion of the population will be extreme, unpredictable and violent.  And I know that many Republicans will argue that more guns by law-abiding citizens will deter potential shooters.  This, of course, is nonsense.  It would just make guns more accessible to criminals. 

Please comment on my post and offer suggestions to this horrible problem.  We need to grow and mature as a society if we want to continue and thrive.  There are so many problems facing this country and citizens killing one another should not be one of those problems.  We must channel our collective energy and focus it somewhere else.  Thank you all.



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With gun control and gun violence being once again a hot button issue I thought that I would re-visit this thread. Have the shootings in Aurora and Newtown changed your views on gun control? Would more well intentioned gun restrictions actually reduce the number of shootings? Let us know your thoughts. 



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