Hi all,

I recently joined based not only on my disillusionment with the two major parties but also because I find the platform  close to my own positions- certainly closer than other party platforms. Sure, we all probably have some differing opinions, but to find a party platform that is more than 50% in agreement with my own is very encouraging.

What is not encouraging is the tiny number of members and the age of the last posts here on the discussion board. I don't consider myself political by any means, but seriously, this is not going to get a whole lot of people involved. ::yawn:: Surely someone has something to say...or have I just not discovered where all the activity is? For one thing, I don't do social network sites, so if that's where it's all happening, you're losing a fairly large demographic that really doesn't get into that. Again, maybe my perusings of the web site haven't taken me to the right place.

Also, I'm not sure what "approval" of new members is all about, but I would suggest a more open forum, similar to most on the Internet- register and you're in. Yes, you'll get trolls, etc., but if you're going to deal in politics, you better get used to that. It took me over a week to get approved, so why not just skip that step and let people interact right away?

Somewhere else here I read about fielding a presidential candidate. Are you kidding? Local or even state candidates make more sense to get started. Even PTA. I counted about 525 members here. $65 million minimum for a presidential campaign, and there's barely money to pay for the server? Again, am I missing something?

I'd be happy just to have some spirited discourse with like-minded voters. Maybe this will engender a reply--hopefully not just crickets. :)

Eric B.

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Thank you for your post. The website is not as active right now in part because our moderators and discussion facilitators are working on our new website. We are working as fast as we can to get the new website completed and ready for launch. Once that happens, activity will increase greatly. 

The process of getting the site finished has been delayed a number of times because of our platform provider. They have been finishing up on a number of new security features, while we work on adding new features for our members. The new site is roughly 90% finished. However, we do still have some very important items to complete, such as creating a logo and a top banner. 

Regarding the new member approval process. We get roughly 200 troll / spam bot requests to join every single day. We must view every new profile and email address to determine if this is a real person and if so, is this someone interested in our membership or someone trying to cause trouble or spam everyone. Some of these intruders can become a bit more of a security threat if they are accidentally left in. So, we would like to apologize for the sometimes slow new member approval process, but it is necessary at this point to protect our website, our party and all of you. We anticipate that our new website will have additional new member security features to filter out more of the spammers and trolls early on. 

We will begin to post regular updates as we are finally nearing the new launch. Thank you once again for your post.


Michael Thompson




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