Feedback Needed: Add Chat feature to VoteCitizens.Org?

Would you like us to add a chat feature to this website? Let us know what you think. If we have enough interest we might test a chat feature for a week or two to see how it works and if members like it. We would then examine your feedback after the test period to decide if we should keep it.



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We continue to test the chat feature on our test network. When we feel it is completely secure we will launch it on this website for a two weeks trail along with some guidelines. After the two week trail we can decide if we will keep the chat feature. It will likely be at least several more weeks, maybe longer until we start our two week trail on this website.

UPDATE: Our chat feature is almost ready for launch! We will launch it on a test basis soon. We just need to find a place for it on the homepage. If members seem to like it then we can consider keeping it on the site full time or just turn it on at certain times such as chat Wednesdays or something like that. We will keep you updated. 




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