Washington (CNN) - Candidates running for federal office should expect slightly larger donations during the next election cycle.

The Federal Election Commission announced today that it is increasing the amount individuals can contribute to political campaigns and national parties.
Individuals may now contribute $2,500 to each candidate per election, up from $2,400 during the 2010 midterm elections.

A person may also contribute $30,800 per year to a national party, an increase of $800.

In total, individuals are permitted to donate up to $117,000 to candidates and parties over a two-year period.

The FEC increases contribution limits every two years to reflect inflation.




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I think contributions shouldn't be allowed at the state and federal levels. To be honest I think every candidate should be able to have a certain limit of commercials, can say only certain things in those commercials and or fliers etc., shouldn't be able to twist facts or bring up uninvolved information, and every candidate regardless of party should be able to have the same time and question period allotted to them at the public forum and interview levels.




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