I feel let down....When I joined the Citizens Party I was hoping it would trot out a candidate for the 2012 presidential race.

Our choices of Oboma or Romney are like casting a vote for the lessor or two evils.

I was looking towards this party to put a huge blow to the Republican and Democratic parties.

I do not feel it wold take much to regain the control of this country that has been taken away by the dog's of Washington. (my apology to all dogs for using their spices)

If we get our act in high gear we can do this before it is too late.

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Thanks for the feedback Bob. I understand. Nobody was more disappointed than I was that the Citizens Party was unable to run a Presidential ticket in 2012. We wanted to hold a convention, gain ballot access and field a presidential ticket in 2012. We had several interested candidates(including a few well known individuals). 

However, our very low fundraising numbers would not allow us to proceed in the 2012 election. I spent nearly seven months organizing a convention that we were unable to hold. We did not have enough funds for ballot access, to hold a convention or to assist candidates. A growing number of people want another option, but so far that growing number of people have not been ready to constantly contribute to the effort. A nationwide ballot access effort will take a bare minimum of $5 million dollars. We can't even raise enough money to pay our basic monthly $65. website/database expenses. We are consistently behind on our expenses and this forces us to spend way too much of our time on trying to raise money just to catch up, instead of real party building and outreach. We have several other needs, but fundraising is the most pressing right now. We need our members to step up and consistently contribute to our effort. We don't expect people to break their bank, as just $1. or $2. a month from each member would allow us to pay our basic expenses and begin advertising, outreach, ballot access, etc. One or two less McDonald's coffees each month is not that much of a sacrifice to ask in order to help turn this country around and field competitive candidates. If a member is unemployed or unable to give, then they can invite 10 people to join our site. 

We still have a number of interested candidates willing to run for office if we can demonstrate the ability to gain ballot access and reach more people. 

The fanatics and extremists are always willing to contribute to the two major parties. That is why both parties often pander to the most extreme groups. They contribute money, they volunteer, they blog & recruit, and they vote. And most importantly, they do all of this year round. We need our members to get active and get to work on our effort. We can't wait until the next election is just months away. Our success or lack of success in the 2016 elections will largely depend upon what we get done and the party organizing we accomplish between now and the next year or two.  

I will be posting more about what we need to grow and organize soon.

I get sick and tired hearing people piss and moan about our system and government and do nothing about it.



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