We would like to know how many of our members have a wordpress account or visit wordpress blogs/sites. The Citizens Party is considering using wordpress to host one of our three new websites. We would like to gather some feedback about your experiences with Wordpress. Have you had a positive or negative experiencing commenting on Wordpress blogs? Are you likely to visit and comment on CP discussions, groups, blogs, videos and photos on a Wordpress blog? Please let us know your thoughts. Both positive and negative feedback is encouraged and welcomed. 

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there is a big difference when using wordpress.com  as a blog and using the WordPress platform as a website with blogging capabilities.      

I've been working with WordPress professionally since 2010.   Overall I think it is the easiest to use, setup and train others to use.   It also has a wide variety of plugins to add most any feature you want with ease.  

Here is an example of a community information site that I created just so I had a place to link some of my favorite stuff.   http://douglascounty.us/

Here is what a community Blog can look like on the front end.   http://exploresuperior.com/

I co-developed this with a local Superior WI developer.   The backend allows for us to grant as much or little access to others as needed.   Individuals can be authors with the ability to write and post with or without approval from an editor.  They can also be Editors that approve others works if needed.  



The two urls mentioned below test on GOOGLE SPEED

http://douglascounty.us/ : 10% loss of potential viewers  rated "good" by Google


http://exploresuperior.com/ : 30% loss of potential viewers rated "pour" by Google

The point being, a website is typically built for viewers.  Google OWNS the WWW, who sees your website or not.  Viewers all have smart phones and today searching the WWW is done by over 64% smart phones

Therefore, the platform you use is irrelevant.  How you build it and use it, is.

WP is the best CMS platform but I don't find it "easy" and I've developed websites since 1993, many of those years to the present as a business until I retired from it, too many projects in the fire.

You want to build a FAST RESPONSIVE WEBSITE, that way, you'll be kissing GOOGLE'S ass and your website will be ON TOP of the SEARCH PAGES.

That is, the MARKETING of you website, regardless the platform is WAY more important.



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