Instead of hastily cutting programs that are designed to assist the less fortunate, we should be cutting the huge subsidies paid to oil companies and farmers. Oil companies don't need it and farmers should apply for assistance only in times of catastrophe, otherwise, farm insurance policies should cover losses due to poor crops or markets. Farmers should never be paid NOT to grow a crop to keep commodities artificially high. We gave out over $180B in farm subsidies in 2009 and add another $35B/yr for the oil companies. That's still only 1.4% of the budget, but it's a start.

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I think oil companies, if well run and managed, can continue to be adequately prosperous, if We cut their subsidies. I have never understood why these mega-corporations need subsidies at all.

Farmers. A different deal. Maybe a different story. There are different kinds of Farmer. Corporate farms should be carefully scrutinized for real need of subsidy. Family farms probably need least sometimes.

Maybe We should take a close look at this whole program?




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