Many states will be redistricting their federal congressional seats due to the latest census results. 8 states will gain at least 1 Congressional seat. 10 other states will be losing at least 1 seat. A few states have set up special redistricting commissions, each with their own process of determining the new districts. In most of the states, the new districts will be determined directly by the lawmakers themselves. Often they will hold a few public forums for input, but the final decision is up to the lawmakers. It is only natural for most of these lawmakers to design new district borders that will help themselves get re-elected. It is common for example, to have a Republican lawmaker work with a Democratic lawmaker in the district next door to come up with meandering district borders that help both of them get re-elected. The process is much the same when re-districting for State House or State Assembly seats.


What ideas might you have to reform this process?  Who should be re-drawing these district lines? How can we minimize the politics involved?

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Great questions.  We have a battle here in Texas that will favor the GOP if they get their way.  Majority rules, so they probably will.  Political gain needs not be the motivating issue here.  Who should do it?  Academia, maybe?

I have never understood, or been comfortable with this kind of manipulation of the voters. Some think it is "natural" to do this. Just as it might be natural to illegally stuff ballot boxes, or "stack the deck", or "tilt the playing field".

I can understand that each state is allocated so many Senators and Congresspersons. This is based on the population count of the state.

It makes sense to divide a state into districts, which helps representatives to be from and in touch with The People in a way that encourages regional and local solutions to problems. Though I do think that many representatives tend to forget the needs of "their" People, once they get to Washington. A little less so when they get to their state capitols. Things could probably be done to lessen this "distancing" phenomena.

I imagine it is quite a balancing act to keep one's constituents content and try to help solve the larger national problems too. Then the pressure from the wealthy and powerful corporations is probably intense too.

I can imagine some of this.

But I conclude with my personal notion that once a district is established it should stay that way. Don't monkey with it to seek advantage  of one party mindset over other party mindsets. This becomes confusing and is detrimental to the order of the thing.

Elections and voting should be one on one affairs. Between each voter and his, or her representative. If one doesn't like being in a district that is dominated by another competitive party, then move out.

But it would be better to stay put and be a voice and vote for what you Truly believe in. That is the most important thing. Being Truthful and Honest about what and how you think things, in your district, or community, or nation, should be. WORK for what you believe in. Never mind whether you win or are part of a winning team or not. Winning is secondary to the Truth of the matter...being Truthful to yourself. Find your Truth and take your stand with it.

No more gerrymandering. Settle down.



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