I have been reviewing several pages of discussions.  I can not believe it, you can count the number of reply's to these discussions without having to remove your shoes.

We have allowed our elected officials to sell out our country.  Middle class if almost nonexistent.  

It seems the only time the two leading parties can vote together id when it involved themselves.  When Obama Care became the law of the land the first thing the two Houses did about it was to make sure they were exempt.

The time has come for "We The People" to get active and voice our opinions.  The only way we can make change it to vote together.  We have to forget Party Lines, that is the way our Government does things.  Look where it is leading us.  We have to find and elect leadership that upholds the existing laws and doesn't just react when they find existing laws ignored and it make them look bad.   

"We need leadership that have the USA's interest at heart".  My question is this the platform that will get this movement rolling or just another bunch of people saying they are "Mad as Hell, and we are not going to take it anymore" and doing nothing else to back it up.

I want to start reading more reply's, your opinions count. From your opinions and voice we just might  start changing this Nation back to the greatness it deserves. 

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