NOTICE ABOUT PHOTO UPLOADS: We have had several complaints lately about some of the photos that members have uploaded for copyright infringement or use without permission. Those photos have been deleted. If you upload photos to this website that are not yours, then you need to get permission and you need to begin citing where the photos came from. We will be posting some fair use notices on some photos/videos, but that is not enough. We are not trying to be difficult, we are trying to protect ourselves. We do not want our site suddenly shut down because members are using photos without permission. 

NOTICE TO PENDING MEMBERS: We have a growing number of pending memberships that include no name and/or no additional information in the profile questions beyond the required zip code. And some of the zip code responses include 000000 or 999999. All such pending memberships remain on hold until additional information is provided or we decline the request after 60 days. Please provide your name or complete some of the profile questions so that we know you are not a spammer. We may be forced to require pending members to complete additional profile questions. We currently have 15-20 pending memberships on hold for various reasons. We would like to get most of these approved, so please help us out by providing further information to your profile.

HELP SPREAD THE WORD: Please help the Citizens Party grow by distributing thesetear-off flyers in your home town.

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE: It is time to pay the bills again. While it is free for you to join the Citizens Party, it is not free for us to run our website. Please pitch-in what you can afford

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