As a American and also a candidate in 2012 i think us having troops meaning ships aircaft and subs over there in Libya enforcing the so call No Fly Zone is a waste of time and money.We need to have our troops home  and not thin them out any more as they are already.As i was watching CNN  they had a report of the rebels that are fighting Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's troops could be linked to other question is why cant there be enough support from other Nations or even members from the United Nations handle the problem without us getting involved.Or we could do like most other Countries  and let then solve it them self  the Middle East has been fighting for thousand of years lets get America back on track  Mr Presidant

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I agree with you.  The only thing that I would add is that the only reason we are involved is because of oil.  The true (and obvious) solution to the problem is that we need to get rid of foreign sources of energy.  The problem is, right now we need it.  Let's face it, as bad as the economy is, it would be a whole lot worse with oil at $10 a gallon (even though it is reaching $4.00 in many places).  The country needs to come up with a plan that is "bipartisan."  The only problem is big oil (and other big companies) influence so much in this country.  This organization has to go grass roots (I know that is what the party is trying to do).  But in doing so, we also need to educate all people in a non ideological way.  And more than anything, we need to be real with the American people.  That is the only way this party can succeed.  We can't be compared to Europe or other places where a gallon of gas is much more expensive than in America.  The reason for that is because America was built on the automobile.  Countries in Europe are much older and the automobile is secondary to public transportation.  We can say all we want, but we have to figure out a way to make this party real.  I say we start telling it like it is.  Yes, many jobs in the oil industry will go away by turning to alternative fuels.  Yes, big oil will lose much of its "power."  But the way I look at it is, capitalism should be about being on the forefront of new business.  If oil companies aren't on the forefront of other technologies then that's their fault.  Of course all of this has to be done in cycles.  We have to have common sense solutions to our problems.  Our first goal should be to stop importing oil from the middle east and other volatile countries.  But, no matter what anybody says publicly, we are in the Middle East because of oil (everyone knows that).  Think about how much money we have spent in the Middle East.  Forget about the wars.  Just having bases and having to have a presence is a ton of money.  If we spent half of that money on getting off of oil then maybe we would be in a better place today.  This is not a republican or a democratic idea.  This is a common sense idea.



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